August Absolutely Fabulous
  |  First Published: July 2009

Over the last month we have had a reasonable run of good fishing weather with plenty of westerly winds and flat bar to cross.


What else can I say? The fishing has been great and there’s certainly no sign of depleted fish stocks up here.

We have been doing well on the big reds, particularly in close on the northern grounds off Fraser Island. We have also experienced huge numbers of Maori cod and gold spot estuary cod in the same areas. Jigging live yakka’s and sending them back down proved a sure-fire hook-up.

On the northeastern grounds off Rainbow Beach snapper are going hard on the lead up to the full moon. I have started using soft plastics more than bait in this area and bag-outs have come quite easily. I still find the 5” Gulps in lime tiger and mango ripple colours working the best.

In the same vicinity as the snapper we have also caught lots of spangled emperor, probably more than I have ever seen. Again plastics are the bait catching the quality fish.


Tailor have turned up in good numbers from Inskip Point to the swimming area at Rainbow Beach. Some of these fish are fine specimens around the 3kg mark.

Dart are in plague numbers along the entire stretch of beach. While the dart are not very big, they dart are still a lot of fun for the kids.


Flathead and squid are the flavour of the month in the straits. The water has cleaned up somewhat, making for prime conditions to use lures and jigs to target these fish.

August is a great month for beach and reef fishing. While it tends to be windy, the winds are usually only westerlies (the nice wind). I think we will see a big run of snapper in close.

If you haven’t tried soft plastics this is the month to have a go at it. August is also the best month for a big run of tailor, especially on Fraser Island. The barges to Fraser start running very early in the morning in August.

If you are coming through Rainbow Beach in the early morning and are looking for a hot feed or coffee, Rod and his team in the bakery at the Shell Service Station are open from 4am. Check them out, it’s great food.

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