The prime time at the metro rivers
Andy Smith

Nathan Wright with a lovely 95cm metro mulloway.

Cold weather is here and that’s no reason to pack away the gear. If you want to target a trophy-sized fish locally, the next few months are prime time!

Melbourne anglers hold their waterways close to their hearts. This can resonate strongly with many anglers who have targeted the much sought-after mulloway in our metropolitan rivers. The vast majority keep their hard-earned tactics to themselves, holding them in higher regard than any other locally targeted species.

Tactics and lure choices vary across many of the latest must-have lures and the marketed arsenal from numerous tackle companies out there. One thing remains true: these fish ambush and can’t resist a lure or bait with vibration. Whether the lure is 30mm or 300mm long, match the fish the mulloway are feeding on!

One technique that has delivered success is to target mulloway on lipless vibes. This technique can be replicated with many lures that have a heavy vibration, such as paddle-tail soft plastics. These lures are an effective way to probe deep water and structure, particularly when fished in the dirty water we find throughout the lower reaches of the Yarra and Maribyrnong rivers during the winter months.

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