Pick your days for successful trips
Clayton Nicholls

The author with a decent plate-sized coral trout taken on a sinking stickbait at Keppel Island.

The Capricorn region has been all over the place in terms of weather. The past month has played host to calm blue clean oceans one day and murky, windy waters the next. People who have picked their days right have had great success, both inshore and offshore. The Keppels and beyond have produced a great variety of both reef and pelagic species and the creeks and rivers have produced some great estuary catches.

Freshwater regions

Freshwater regions are still a great source of bait. You can catch these fish using hooks and sinkers, lures or opting for bait traps of some kind. For perch, use tiny bits of cut up bait on the tips of very small fine hooks along with a very small sinker. If you were looking to trap some freshwater prawns or yabbies, a fine mesh opera house would be a great choice. When using freshwater traps, the darker, less prominent colours seem to be the best, and a good old loaf of cheap white bread as bait can see you emptying traps for weeks on less than a dollar.

The Fitzroy

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