Be prepared to face the cold
Craig Edmonds

Calamari will get better just in time for the snapper season.

Winter time on Phillip Island means extra jumpers, the occasional need for a rain coat and a little bit of thought when it comes to your fishing. It also requires a change to how you fish. Look more at the tides and wind direction. It’s colder at this time of the year and no one wants to be standing on a beach or sitting in a boat for hours, so concentrate more on that hour or two before and after the tides.

Study the weather a bit more as well. We are in the unique situation of having two islands, so it’s not often you can’t find a sheltered spot to make your fishing more enjoyable. I will be the first to admit the quantity of fish caught during the colder months isn’t great, but the quality is generally much better. We see more of the colder water species like draughtboard sharks, cod and ling. We also see every other species that you could expect to catch in the summer time.

There are several things you can do to have a successful fishing trip during the colder months and they are simple things that you should also do in summer. They seem to make a bigger difference over the colder months. Use fresh baits, present your baits correctly, position your boat on the drop-offs, fish the beaches on the gutter edges and fish the tides.

With a good run of salmon from the beaches lately several customers have been out collecting baits for the upcoming snapper season and to chase the winter gummies over the next few moons. This is a pattern that hasn’t changed over the time we have been in the shop.

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