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Angler spoilt for choice
Darren Redman

Nice flatties will often come from the deeper water.

The Bega River has many deep holes and with water temperatures cooling, fish will seek the deep water looking for warmer temperatures. This is when anglers need their electronic devices to search out the fish down deep.

Often at this time of year, estuary perch are one species that follow this pattern and once found, several or more may be caught in the one area before spooking. Locating them on the sounder may be the easy part, but getting them to take a lure or bait is another thing, so perseverance may be necessary.

Other species that are likely to also frequent the deeper sections are bream, flathead, mulloway, tailor or even at this time of year, Australian bass prior to their breeding season.

If chasing tuna is your style, then it won’t get any better than now. Whether you’re land-based or have a boat, there are tuna to be found all along the coast. Offshore anglers can expect to encounter yellowfin tuna in good numbers. You can target them by trolling or cubing in berley trails, and generally the wider you go, the better your chances. For most, Tathra Canyons are the pick of the spots.

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