Codzilla back on the market
Darcy Scherger

As the rivers are still extremely high and dirty at Mildura and cod opening is now upon us, it’s going to be hard work for the lure anglers amongst us within the Murray River.

Not only is the flow going to be a pain to battle though, but the clarity will also be a big problem, which will still take some time to settle. High quantities of debris are currently floating down the river, making the river dangerous to ski on.

The conditions have been declared as a minor flood, with Apex Park being completely inaccessible to the public. Apex Park has been lowered through Lock 11 and all its electronics have been removed to save damaging anything during the high river levels. Once the river settles, all the electronics will be put back in and everything return to normal, but this will take time.

Downstream of Euston Weir, which is upstream of Mildura’s Weir, the flow has increased to around 69,000ML per day. The flow at Euston and Mildura is expected to continue to rise but begin to steady around. The beginning of December.

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