Luderick all sorts off the rocks
Paul Lennon

Squid are in good numbers around the moorings at Shoal Bay.

Winter has arrived, and while it may require a little bit more effort to get out of bed on those cold mornings it’s going to be well worth it, with plenty of fish on offer this month.

Inside the port bream are on the go, and lure fishing with small plastics or hardbodies has by far been the most effective method to rack up numbers of them during the day. The best areas to hit are between Tea Gardens and Garden Island with any Rocky Point, island or oyster bar/leases that hold bream.

If you want to fish with bait, you’ll find success fishing at night, especially on the high tides. The pick of the spots is the torpedo tubes at Shoal Bay or along the Nelson Bay and Anchorage rock walls. Unweighted baits such as prawns or strips of mullet will work best, complement these with berley such as chicken pellets or bread mixed with tuna oil to greatly improve your catch.

Luderick have taken up residency in the lower end of the bay with the rock walls, Shoal Bay and Little Beach jetties all providing plenty of action that’s set to continue on for the next few months. While flathead have tapered off, if you work hard in the back half of the bay from Soldiers Point through to Karuah you should still be able to get a feed for a few more weeks yet, before the water gets too cold and shuts them right down.

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