Preparing the bug
Lynn Bain

Bugs are a slipper lobster. For foodies, the most important are the Balmain bugs found from the QLD and NSW border around to WA and most commonly produced out of NSW. If you live in Queensland, the Moreton Bay bugs are tops. Incidentally, Moreton Bay bugs range from Queensland to WA.

These two main types of bugs are separated by the location of their eyes. Moreton Bay bugs have their eyes located near the edge of the head at the margin of the carapace, and is said to be the best tasting. Balmain bugs have their eyes set towards the middle of the head and are also a little thicker in the body than the Moreton Bay bug.  

If you’re lucky enough to catch one of these, here’s how to prepare your bug for cooking. Next month we’ll ‘value add’ some ingredients to the delectable bugs to cook a favourite Asian bug recipe. 


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