Redfin eating anything that moves
Ian McLean

Tracy Mclean with a redfin that took a 4” Gulp Turtleback Worm in watermelon. She went on to catch around 30 fish in one hour.

The fishing has been pretty good lately, with the standout being the redfin. They’re cruising around in huge schools in Burrendong and Carcoar, and have been biting their heads off.

All you need to catch them is a cheap lure – anything that’s shiny. Little Celtas are good, as well as tiny little hardbodies in gold or silver (even black will work) that dive anywhere from 3-7m. Vibes with rattles are great too; we’ve caught loads of redfin on Jackall TN 50s and TN 60s in the spawning tiger colour. Other good options are small spinnerbaits, soft plastics, and any type of metal blade that is black or gold or silver in the 50-60mm size range.

It’s so easy to get kids into fishing if you target redfin at this time of year because you can buy a cheap lure and catch 100 redfin. We’ve caught 100 in less than an hour for the two of us. It’s crazy fun for the kids, and will get them addicted to fishing in no time. The average size at the moment is 25cm, but we’ve been getting quite a few in the mid 30s. They’re great on the plate.

Water temperatures have been rising, reaching 27-30°C in some places. This has caused the yellowbelly to seek refuge in deeper water. You can target them with a deep diver that gets down to 5-7m, such as an Oar-Gee Plow. Lipless crankbaits like TN 60s have also been catching their share.

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