Boating made easy: the all-rounder
Wayne Kampe

The Sea Fox 226 Traveller bow rider qualifies as an all-rounder due to its size, which incorporates ample storage, lots of work room, plush seating, a toilet within the console and no shortage of power from the 250 Yamaha 4-stroke.

Very few manufacturers classify their craft as all-rounders. However, quite a lot of boat owners refer to their craft as all-rounders because the like to do a range of on-water activities, not just fishing. Such rigs see a lot of family use, which can often involve nights spent aboard in a selected anchorage, and often combine tow sports and fishing with whatever else is going on. The same craft might be used within an estuary, out on the bay or even involved in an upriver or offshore run. Impoundment fishing? Certainly! The next 6m rig to launch at Lake Awoonga won’t be the last.

So what do we look for in a boat for general all round use, one that can fulfil all of these functions? Family touring and overnighting aboard the rig means there needs to be ample room, protection from weather, bunks to snooze on and with lots of storage space under them. Certainly, provision for a toilet might well be there in the criteria, as well as enough dedicated batteries to accommodate a portable refrigerator and the like.

This selected criteria will rule out specialised sportfishing craft such as bass boats, high-end punts, and all other open craft that have plenty of fishing room but limited or no protection from the elements.

Considering that the weather protection, storage and creature comfort side of things are paramount, it makes the most sense to opt for a cuddy cabin or centre cab rig. There are plenty of boats that are suitable for family boating, water fun and fishing, all neatly combined in the one package. The selection of a cuddy cab rig is perfect. Coming in second is the centre cab, provided the craft is large enough to feature a cabin of some size, and maybe with optional storm covers to provide weather protection if you’re planning to do some overnighters.

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