Top Cod
Tony Bennett

Duc Tran with his fist ever cod – a 105cm monster!

The smoke’s cleared from the New Year’s fireworks and now it’s time to get back into rewarding fishing. Hopefully the early summer wind has died off, making for enjoyable fishing conditions. As always, cod will be on offer throughout the lake with all techniques producing. I must stress this about Mulwala: if you persist, you will be rewarded. Sure, your average Joe can land an unlucky fish that makes him look like a legend while a gun angler can go without. Over time, numbers will even themselves out.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but surface fishing stands head and shoulders above all methods for return capture rates, general fish encounters, average fish size and excitement. For those new to the area or looking at getting into some top water action, identify the location you plan to fish during daylight hours, so you have a rough lay of the land.

Look for shallower water around the 0.5-2m mark fairly adjacent to the original Murray course through the lake. Have everything prepared and working for when you catch the elusive Murray cod. Head lamps, torches, net, lip grip, measuring mats and cameras are all implements that should be at hand, not frantically searched for upon capture. An assortment of poppers, paddlers and wakebaits will have you suitably kitted out and ready to go.

For any kids looking to snag themselves a cod over the holidays, a rod and reel (be it a hand line or fancy outfit) around 10-20lb line, a size 2 bean sinker and hook around the 2/0 size will be what you need. Worms and cheese are your prime baits. Bardies, shrimp and yabbies will also work wonders. Keep it simple with a running sinker right down to the hook, as the fish don’t tend to be that picky. Head down below the weir in Yarrawonga and have yourself some fun fishing the Murray River.

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