The basics of the magic wand
Ryan Smith

Jack Burling with a bream caught on a small bread fly.

Flyfishing is a very technical type of fishing and is used all around the world. Flyfishing is when an angler uses a hand-tied fly with little to no weight.

Specialised casting techniques are used with flies, as they are very light. Long rods and weighted lines are needed for this type of fishing to have the ability to cast. These long rods and weighted lines act like a whip when you are casting a fly.

People seem to believe that flyfishing is only used in freshwater for species like trout. Flyfishing can be used in both fresh and salt water. From walking a small stream chasing trout to casting large flies at pelagic fish, flyfishing can be used anywhere.

The variety of fish that can be caught using flies can vary from a rainbow trout to an angry longtail tuna! The species that I have been targeting on fly have been flathead and bream. Flathead love a well-presented fly and can give you a quality fight on the fly gear at any size.

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