A pleasant month across the board
Jamie Robley

The author with a solid lake flathead caught by slowly bouncing a soft plastic close to the bottom. Plenty of flathead should be around this month.

If pressed to nominate my favourite month of the year for fishing and anything else for that matter, April is definitely in the top spot. We’ve still got all the warm water angling options, without those persistent onshore northeasterly winds, heat or humidity of recent weeks. Sure, you’ll have to start rugging up of a morning from this point on, but the days tend to be quite pleasant and the fishing can be red-hot.

Mullet and garfish are normally in good supply along the beaches, headlands, protected bays and bommies this month. So it’s no wonder that April is normally quite productive for kingfish and mulloway. Although the techniques may vary, both species respond well to freshly caught calamari squid and if it’s alive, with a couple of carefully placed hooks then no kingfish will refuse the offering.

In the past, I used to fish the rocks for kings quite a lot around the local ledges at this time of year and always found a live garfish to be irresistible kingfish bait. While a live yakka will work, a garfish is much more of a sure bet. Having said that, if catching livies is proving difficult, don’t throw back any small sweep or mados you catch. Kings will go for them as well, especially the brightly striped mados!

As mentioned last month, mulloway become quite active along the beaches at this time of year. The formula is simple; a high tide that peaks within a few hours after sunset, a good gutter close to shore, with plenty of foam around it, with a clear channel running out to sea and then it’s only a matter of having a good bait in the water, cast close to the edge of the foamy water, rather than out in the middle of the more settled looking, deeper water in the middle of the gutter. The most likely times a mulloway will pick up the bait is about 30 minutes after the sun sets, as well as right on the tide change. So be sure to have your best baits in the water at those peak times.

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