Estuaries brimming with bait
Stuart Hindson

Some monster flathead are getting around our local estuaries, like this cracker fish that Pete Steward caught, which was released.

The holiday crowds are slowing up with school holidays over, but for those who are still in the Narooma region, some exceptional fishing is still on offer.

The local estuaries are red-hot at present and this will continue for a few months yet. All species are playing the game, with anglers fishing bait and lures getting amongst them. The beauty of Narooma is that there’s five different estuary systems within 20 minutes both north and south of town. This helps anglers, with a variety of options to fish, and if one system is a little tough, there’s another around the corner. It’s the same when crowds become too much, you can always find your own bit of water and get results.

The smaller systems like Corunna Lake to the south and Mummaga Lake to the north of Narooma are both excellent with ample fish available. Both these lakes are firing for flathead and bream at the moment, with lure anglers getting better results. These estuaries are quite shallow in nature with maximum water depths of 6m at the most. This is perfect for flathead, as the shallows warm up quickly, especially after a few hot days with the afternoons being peak times.

I’d be concentrating in 2-3m of water around the rocky points with smaller soft plastics or soft vibes for best results. You can expect some solid bream, especially in Corunna, with both black and yellowfin bream on the cards. Both these systems are full of prawns too, so casting a few smaller surface presentations will also see some nice fish caught.

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