Be prepared for anything when targeting snapper
Anthony Stokman

Alec Byrne had a nice surprise when snapper fishing.

Right now we’re all hoping the bluefin are parked off our coastline, and that we’ll have a season blessed with big fish and good weather. The month of May was a little disappointing in regards to yellowfin, and the Canberra Game Fishing Tournament held at Bermagui didn’t see one caught.

June is usually the more reliable month for tuna though, and it was 24 June last year when the bluefin came to town. We are starting to see the bluefin becoming the main event for winter these days, with the yellowfin taking the back seat. Let’s hope this lack of showing is not an indication the numbers are dropping too low.

What has been fishing very well lately, and is in great numbers, is the luderick or blackfish. It’s a great winter species and has been getting a lot of attention lately. Luderick are very easy to catch as they tend to congregate in large numbers. They school in shallow rocky areas around wash zones, headlands, reefs and along snags and rock walls.

The best approach to improving your catch is to berley every so often. Yes, there are times you can pick areas loaded with fish and jsut throw in an imitation weed fly and pull fish out. However, if you want to secure a feed it’s best to mix some moist bread with some sand, and throw a handful out.

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