Welcome relief from the heat
Paul Prokopuk

Ewan Kepple and Jen Hall displaying large-mouth nannygai.

July is a special time in Cooktown and Cape York. The rain has eased up and the cooler days are a welcomed relief from the heat. For the next few months most people head bush whenever they get the chance. Some may head into the rainforests to chase jungle perch. Others may head for the beaches and fish the creek mouths for saltwater species. Whatever the adventure, it is a magical time of year to get out and explore the countryside.

The Cooktown trade winds are in full swing. This is why most locals head bush or up river at this time of year. However, watch the weather reports closely, because on occasions the winds drop out below 10 knots. If you’re in the area, make the most of it because it may be a while before it happens again. The winds dropped out a few weeks ago and it aligned perfectly for the weekend. Keep in mind that your boating and fishing gear is sitting around unused a little longer at this time of year. Therefore, make the most of the windy weather and service your gear. Do the lot, fishing gear, trailers, boats and motors, because it’s better than having problems later when the winds have dropped and you want to go out fishing.

The temperature cooling down signals the Cooktown winds, and a waiting game for the reef anglers. Anglers who have been lucky enough to get out in the limited time frame of good weather have reaped the rewards. Anglers have been finding quite good catches including coral trout, nannygai and assorted species making up a decent feed.

The mackerel will be about soon, so make sure you are ready. As the water surface temperature falls, the mackerel will move up in the water and be much more accessible to shallow and topwater presentations. Around structure they will be accompanied by trevally and cobia. No matter their size, they will really test you out on any tackle. Live bait or fresh dead bait fished around these areas could turn up anything, and if you manage to come across some live squid, be ready to connect to a monster fish!

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