Hot and gusty weather
Scott Bradley | March 2017

A Rooneys Marlin caught at the start of summer.

It’s been one of those summers. We’ve battled scorching heat and we’ve had relentless winds over 25 knots from the north and southeast to deal with as well! It’s been a few years since we have experienced a summer weather pattern like this. It’s by no means uncommon on the Fraser Coast.
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Bring on the bass and barra beasts
Jason Ehrlich | March 2017

Barra can still be caught casting lures in the lakes around Mackay. Try fishing surface presentations in the bays at Teemburra for some exciting action.

Already we can see and feel the days getting shorter. As a fisher I enjoy this time of year as you can start to have a bit of a sleep in and still manage to get on the water at first light.
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Get your cod on
Ed Falconer | March 2017

Large cod have been very active.

Our great run of weather continues with hot days and calm seas.
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Jordan Bennie with a good summer bream.

The northern bay has kept anglers on their toes over the last month, giving them glimpses of brilliance and then nothing but peanuts as anglers head home empty handed. Northerly winds and warmer currents from up north have been the story of the summer with baitfish numbers being scarce for this time of the year.
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More of the same reliable options
John Gooding | March 2017

The author with a solid snapper catch. The ever-reliable reds are sticking around.

To be brutally honest, fishing east of the South Passage Bar this month has been more of the same, with chasing bottom dwellers a fair more reliable option than targeting the unreliable pleagics.
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Chad having a good time showing this marlin the sky.

The pelagic season so far has been erratic with poor catches on the inshore grounds and a few blue marlin off the edge of the continental shelf. While there have been marlin about, the lack of both mahimahi and wahoo has been quite surprising.
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Zac Sweep with a delicious pair of mud crabs. Good numbers of crabs should be on offer this month.

February was a bit of a mixed bag and we were thrown some unsettled weather. However, it looks like most anglers made the most of it, finding themselves out amongst our beautiful backyard. As we leave summer in our wake and head full steam into autumn, we can expect things to slow a little, if we look at the usual trends. However, nothing has been usual about the past few seasons. The fishing has been holding solid in what is usually a wind down period for this time of year, which I guess is a good thing.
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Quality over quantity on the reef
Lynton Heffer | March 2017

Damon Gruzdev shows the spoils of healthy rains experienced in the tropics

In the Far North we are experiencing what many would term a typical wet season. There’s been ample rain for a month or so but importantly it hasn’t been over the top to the extent of causing extended flooding. This has meant that the fishing overall has remained in a stable condition.
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Early mornings and low light are great times to use deeper coloured plastics. Contrast is an important key to many fish species in the darker bite times.

With the expectations for the barra opening season it has been a really exciting time for the Townsville locals. A bit of fresh a month or so ago has got them moving and the baitfish are around as well, so barra are hanging around the estuaries for extended periods.
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