Quick Quintrex F481 Hornet
Wayne Kampe | December 2016

The Quintrex Hornet Trophy is a rig with ample freeboard, a nice forward casting platform and great style.

Quintrex offer so many fantastic boats that it can be difficult to nominate a particular rig most suited to a specific task. If there’s a need for a rig that will double as a competition craft fully ready to hit the starter line, or ready to be used by sports anglers to test their skills wherever the opportunity presents (in estuaries rivers or impoundments), the four person F481 Hornet Trophy will fit the bill nicely. It’s 5m in length with a 2.3m beam and a feisty 90hp Yamaha four-stroke on the transom.
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Tinny pimped to fish
Patrick Morgan | December 2016

The author’s new tinny showing off its lines.

Finding the perfect boat to suit your fishing style can be a real challenge, especially if you have budget constraints. If you are satisfied with the performance of the hull, yet your vessel is missing the fish-ability factor, then maybe it’s time to pimp your tinny.
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First response when the boat stops
Wayne Kampe | November 2016

The isolator switch is one item that can get up to mischief. Replacing it every couple of years is a smart move.

I’m no marine mechanic, but I’m a boat owner who has seen some of the things that can spoil a day on the water. It’s something nearly every boat owner experiences sometime. The boat is humming along quite well and then suddenly, there’s no sound from the engine, or it revs really high and the craft isn’t moving. It’s running rough and can’t seem to snap out of it. None of these scenarios are what boaters want, but things happen. A few thoughts on the topic won’t go astray.
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Whittley CW1650 with Yamaha F70
Steve Morgan | November 2016

Over the last couple of years we’ve done plenty of boat tests on Whittleys – from cruisers to fishing boats and most things in between. The most watched Whittley test on YouTube that we’ve done is the smallest in the range. It used to be the entry-level CW1600 at around 8500 views.
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Cross Country’s 4.5 Island Hopper
Wayne Kampe | October 2016

The Island Hopper’s hull design gives it excellent handling and stability, thanks to huge under-hull chines and a fine central entry section.

It’s not often that you come across fibreglass boats as light as the Cross Country range. Whereas conventional glass craft are manufactured via layers of hand-laid fibreglass bonded with resin, the Cross Country range are different, with vacuum-infused glass bonded to a very tough, sealed foam core. The unique construction imparts both lightness and superb strength, resulting in the 4.5m Island Hopper’s hull weighing only 135kg. Think of that: a bay/estuary rig with a length of 4.5m, beam of 1.8m and with a side height of 640mm tipping the scales so gently.
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At the heart of the Waverider 4.5m is the wide reverse chines that mimic the effectiveness of the Kapten Wave Boat Collar – Pat Jones’ other enterprise.

The Sunshine Coast’s Pat Jones has been fascinated by boats his whole life. You may know him from his successful product, the Kapten Boat Collar, which turns your rock-n-rolling tinnie into a safe and stable fishing platform. He’s also YouTube famous for his surfing a tinnie with a Wave Collar on the bar at the Mooloolah River (search ‘Kapten surfing’ on YouTube) and getting some serious ‘tinnie-air’.
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I think there’s no argument that the New Zealanders have been making bulletproof alloy boats ever since that famous whale got ‘beached-as’ last decade. And for a long time before that.
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Crossing a bar safely
Kaspar Lenigas | September 2016

Looking out through a channel at a bar with shallow banks either side of the image. With larger swell, the banks would be easier to see.

Coastal bars are extremely scary to a lot of boaties and they have every right to be worried about crossing them, particularly in big seas. But with a good understanding and knowledge of how a bar works, bar crossings can be very safe and easy.
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New or used? That is the question
Wayne Kampe | September 2016

New boats are great! Everything’s shiny and brand spankers like everything on this TABS I reviewed, but some serious dollars can be saved if you can find the right used craft.

A conundrum that usually confronts someone buying a boat is whether to buy new or used.
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