Kings march into Victoria!
Brett Illingworth | December 2016

Joel, Nick and Nathan with some Mornington Peninsula lobster.

December at last! Summer is here, and Christmas breaks loom. Good weather be gifted to all! We hope… Let’s face it, we’re coming off one of the worst spells of weather in living memory. It’s time for a change for the better.
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The hunt worth whiting about
Brett Illingworth | November 2016

November still sees us in the grip of squid mania. They’re red hot in Western Port and Port Phillip bays. Once a patch is located, it’s easy to spear your allowable ten fish. Finding the patch is the only difficulty. Don’t expect any of your mates to divulge hot spots. Get out there and look.
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Water’s warming – perfect for spearos
Shane Lowery | October 2016

To be columnist Brett Illingworth has been finding plenty of whiting on the sand edges.

October is always a welcome relief from the cold of winter and crisp September mornings. The better conditions of October makes it one of my favourite months for spearing.
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Bread and butter bonanza
Shane Lowery | September 2016

Mick Maheny with a nice feed of sea sweep and lobster.

Spring is in the air and September sees the beginning of warmer temperatures and some great spearfishing opportunities.
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Chilly waters don’t deter true divers
Shane Lowery | August 2016

Male southern rock lobster still in season at the moment and abalone.

August is another cold month for diving, but the keen spearos will still be braving the cold water with plenty of great species on offer.
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Get some ling-bling!
Shane Lowery | July 2016

Drew Fenney with a great winter feed of ling and flathead.

July may be a cold month and the weather can dampen the motivation of many spearfishers to get out and have a dive, but there is certainly plenty of reason to make the effort and brave the cold water.
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Brave the cold water for hot fishing!
Shane Lowery | June 2016

Leigh Elliot with his Australian record Bluefin of 139.4kg speared last season.

June brings us to the coldest part of the year in both weather and water temperatures, but it also offers some of the hottest inshore and offshore diving.
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Brett Illinworth of Esclapez Australia with a nice queen snapper – a rare fish for divers in Victoria.

As we trudge on towards winter, it’s a little less inviting to drag the wetsuit on, but don’t let the cold put you off as both the reef and bluewater spearing is fantastic at this time of year.
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Last chance to spear a kingy
Shane Lowery | April 2016

Aaron Crocombe with a great Victorian kingfish.

April is the unofficial end to the run of yellowtail kingfish right along the Victorian coastline, although some of the best areas for hunting kingfish may still hold a few fish even at this late point in the season.
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