The lake that never Tyers
Steve Vidler | December 2016

A big flattie caught on a Berkley Gulp Shrimp.

As a keen angler that lives for chasing native Australian fish species, I love going out after a trout or two, even in the cold winter months. In Summer, it’s always nice to get a bit of a taste of salt and head out of the usual areas to spend some time closer to the coast.
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Holiday destination – Lake Eildon
Jarrod Day | December 2016

There are heaps of places to camp around Lake Eildon. Some are some free and some requiring prior booking through parkweb.vic.gov.au.

A two hour drive southeast of Melbourne, Lake Eildon is situated in the mountain ranges that make up the Eildon National park. The township of Eildon is laid back, but with the lake supporting such a wide diversity of fishing methods for various species, and throughout the year it can become quite busy.
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Get reddy for summer fun!
Robbie Alexander | November 2016

Decent sized redfin are a great table fish, favoured by many anglers due to their white juicy flesh.

November is a transition month for many fish species and many anglers here in North East Victoria. We see the trout begin to slow down in the many small streams as the water starts to warm up, but we generally see the perch fishing pick up as they begin to get more active in the warmer months.
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Snapper and the great rig debate
Jarrod Day | November 2016

Since the dawn of time, there’s been a conundrum about which rig is the right one to use when targeting snapper throughout Victoria. Unlike many other states where snapper are caught, Victoria’s snapper fishery is very unique. Two major waterways, vastly different from one another, require two different fishing techniques. Port Phillip Bay may be affected by tidal pressure in its lower regions like the entirety of Western Port, but Port Phillip Bay’s somewhat tidal section sees very few snapper caught in season.
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Beechworth’s lake fishing options
Robbie Alexander | October 2016

An average sized Lake Kerferd redfin. Larger redfin are caught in the lake, but fish of this size are more common.

Located in the North East Victorian hills at an altitude of 550m above sea level, Beechworth is one of Victoria’s prettiest towns. It has a lot of history, particularly surrounding the gold rush of the 1850s, and was also the town where Ned Kelly and his mother Ellen Kelly spent time in prison on various charges.
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Practice on the pier with kids
Jarrod Day | October 2016

Fishing with kids is a memory that will last forever, however, you can always kick the session with some bait collecting too.

Fishing with kids is a lot of fun no matter where you go or what you fish for, but with children having on average the attention span of 30 minutes to an hour, boredom can set in quite quick if there is a lack of fish and not much happening.
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Drifting for southwest snapper
Scott Gray | October 2016

Snapper are an important recreational target species across southern Australia. They’re found in a diverse range of habitats. With snapper season in full swing, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the fishery we have on the southwest coast of Victoria, and share my favourite technique for snapper on the coast this time of the year.
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Stream craft – spinning for river trout
Jarrod Day | September 2016

Where the end of the run meets the slow running pool, trout are usually lurking.

Winding through the mountain valley’s and down through the lush green farm lands throughout the state, small creeks, streams and rivers are awash with trout.
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Last year at a VRFish (Victorian Recreation Fishing Peak Body) state meeting, on behalf of the regions’ freshwater anglers, I proposed to support the removal of the salmonid closed season regulation in four annually stocked South West coastal rivers. This was in an effort to increase the return rates of stocked brown trout to anglers, and to give recreational anglers better access to these fisheries.
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