Making a crabmeat lasagne
Lynn Bain | October 2016

Ingredients for the seafood meat layer
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Crab cakes served with beery remoulade.
Lynn Bain | September 2016

The ingredients for the crab cakes: crab meat, fresh thyme, dry mustard, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, salt, egg, dried breadcrumbs, fresh parsley, canola oil for sautéing, lemon.

Following on from last month, I’ll be creating a delicious afternoon snack – crab cakes with beery remoulade. The remoulade has been infused with the flavour of beer for the perfect entrée to an afternoon BBQ.
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Crab meat extraction
Lynn Bain | August 2016

There’s so many classic crab meat delicacies: seafood lasagne, crab meat lasagne, the legendary crab sandwich and the cook testing benchmark that is the crab cake. Everybody should have a crab cake recipe in their repertoire, as an example of kitchen skill and understanding of local ingredients. If binders like potato or bread are used, it indicates whether you’re getting a crab cake or a cake flavoured with crab. This month, we look at extracting the meat from a sand crab.
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Salt and pepper baby octopus
Lynn Bain | July 2016

The spicy (Schezuan pepper) and briny (freshly ground salt) flavours partner beautifully with baby octopus.
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The partnership of crunchy tempura batter and seafood is delightful; especially when you add the wonderful brininess of oysters into the mix. I add an egg to the tempura batter ingredients, which is not traditionally done, however I have found that this batter sticks better to the seafood (especially slippery little suckers like oysters). Another tip is to ensure that your soda water is icy cold when adding it to make the batter. When deep-frying tempura batter the batter does not have to turn a deep golden colour as in beer batter – a pale coloured batter is perfect.
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BBQ skewered prawns
Lynn Bain | May 2016

Skewered prawns are a simple affair, yet they can be enhanced by a little creative presentation.
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Chilli mud crab
Lynn Bain | April 2016

It’s taken 20 years of experimenting to create and refine this recipe for chilli mud crab.
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BBQed peeled cray chunks
Lynn Bain | March 2016

This month we’ll be cooking up one of the tastiest and most available little crustaceans, the redclaw, or freshwater cray. You can catch dozens of these dozens of these critters in drop nets and Opera House pots in dams, rivers. Although we’ve used redclaw in this dish, there’s other species of cray in Australia that you can eat, and can be used in this recipe.
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Oysters trifecta
Lynn Bain | February 2016

I like the combination of flavours and textures in these three recipes – the crispy golden crunch of the tempura, the citrusy brininess of the oysters au naturel and the spicy richness of the chorizo.
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