Chilling out with the hot catches
Nick Whyte | July 2017

Glen Kampe with a huge 108cm Jumpininpin thready.

It’s chilling down now and the snapper and bream should start to turn it on. This month should see good numbers of pan-size juvenile snapper on all the reef edges. An early start will see the best results, but make sure you’re rugged up. There have been a few grassy sweetlip, goldspot cod, Maori cod, tuskies and even a few nannygai thrown in the mix.
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Picture perfect angling weather in July
Peter Wells | July 2017

Adam Dhal caught this cracker pearl perch.

July is famous for light breezes and little swell, which encourages anglers to head offshore in droves. There are heaps of snapper and pearlies around the reefs at the moment with North Reef, Chardons Reef, the Barwon Banks and the Hards producing some outstanding fish. Micro-jigs are a great way to fish these areas.
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Winter pinky snapper and flatties
Danny Sands | July 2017

Pinky snapper are great fun on light line.

July is the coldest month of the year and it can be very fruitful for anglers who are prepared to rug up and put in the time. The cold westerlies will start to blow and the water temperature will fall.
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Bring on the bream brawlers
Mick Morris | July 2017

Darryl Sailor with a monster 41cm Jumpinpin bream that went nearly 1kg.

July is a wonderful time of year to head out to the ‘Pin with cool, clear days and light westerly winds. This makes for top fishing conditions. The water temperature is down, which means bream should be on the bite with great catches to be expected all winter long.
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Winter species to cross off the hit list
Gordon Macdonald | July 2017

Squid can often be sighted during daylight hours around the rock walls in the harbours and canals. This quartet was sighted in the middle of the day near the Raby Bay fuel dock.

Now that we are flush in the middle of winter, anglers will already have a good indication of the scope of piscatorial targets on offer. Species such as mulloway, snapper, luderick, squid, bream, tailor and numerous others will be on anglers’ hit lists.
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Cold water and nice marlin out wide
David Green | July 2017

Michael Green pulling up a striped marlin.

Offshore this month sees water temperatures drop and the winds will mostly blow from the west. Despite this, I think there will still be some good marlin action on the wider grounds.
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Windy, but still brilliant fishing
Ed Falconer | July 2017

Matt with a beautiful Rainbow Beach red emperor.

The weather has been a bit windy, but the fishing remains brilliant. Offshore we have had another fantastic fishing month with stacks of pearl perch, huge catches of tuskfish, hussar and Moses perch.
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Get in before the slimy weed!
Grayson Fong | July 2017

Edward Berry with some quality Moreton Bay dart after dark.

When cruising to your favourite early morning fishing spot, there is nothing more painful than the icy cold shards of wind repeatedly punching your face. With motivation being your only warmth, it’s often hard to get fired up to fish in the early hours of dawn around the cooler months.
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Snapper numbers are great as always
John Gooding | July 2017

A 90cm 5kg trag that shallowed a livie.

With both air and water temperatures dropping, snapper numbers should be on the rise. This time last year, the closer reefs off Moreton Island fished very well for quality snapper and there were plenty of solid specimens of 4-6kg caught along with the odd larger one.
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