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You’ll love this Pajero, Sport.

Wayne Kampe | First Published: July 2017   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Mitsubishi first introduced the Pajero Sport in late 2015 when it replaced the long established Challenger, a five seater wagon built on the Triton’s chassis and running gear, but with upgraded suspension and interior to appeal to family buyers rather than tradies. A combination of sharp pricing, features, roominess, decent ride and hefty towing capability soon saw lots of Pajero Sport wagons in front of caravans, camper trailers and of course, boats.

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Great Wall 4x4 Steed well worth a look

Wayne Kampe | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Great Wall cars are proudly made in China and now being sold by numerous distributors in Australia to promote the brand and provide vital backup of parts and spares, provide roadside assist, handle warranty claims and all other issues like other major car makers.

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The 2017 Isuzu D-Max has more power

Wayne Kampe | First Published: May 2017   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Few would ever think that last year’s D-Max ute with it’s 3L common rail turbo diesel engine was in any way underpowered, but Isuzu have seen the need to upgrade the previous four-cylinder power plant to an entirely new one – remaining at 3L, but with significant differences and designed for Australian conditions. It has more torque, which equates to easier towing and easier work in the rough going.

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Isuzu MU-X Tour Mate ideal for the traveller

Wayne Kampe | First Published: April 2017   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Isuzu’s MU-X is a favourite amongst the boating/fishing/towing set for good reason. Why has this dedicated 4WD been so well received? Let’s start with the fact that it’s value for money, move to the excellent levels of comfort and sheer user-friendliness, and then finish off with the vehicle’s off road credentials and more-than-adequate performance from it’s strong 3L diesel engine mated to a five-speed auto gear box.

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Checking out the Mahindra seven-seater XUV500 SUV

Wayne Kampe | First Published: March 2017   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Mahindra have a pretty tough proving ground for their line of heavy duty 4x4 utes and SUV people movers – India, where the vehicles are manufactured. Before we have an in-depth look at Mahindra’s seven-seater XUV500 all-wheel drive, here’s some interesting background.

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Hot hatch: Suzuki Vitara Turbo

Wayne Kampe | First Published: February 2017   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Suzuki has made an art form of releasing new models at just the right intervals to make a good impression on potential buyers. First came the neat Vitara SUV with a four-cylinder 1.6L petrol engine in both manual and auto guise, outputting 86kW of power and 156Nm of torque. Then the punchy 1.6L common rail direct injection turbo diesel (another four-cylinder engine) came onto and stole the scene, thanks to it’s well-tuned output of 88kW of power and 320Nm of torque – double the torque of the 1.6L petrol model.

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Bargain priced Mahindra Pik-Up ute will surprise

Wayne Kampe | First Published: December 2016   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Prior to this review, I hadn’t seen many Mahindra Pik-Up utes around the city. In country towns, they’re no rarity. A run to the New England area surprised me, as I saw two in Tenterfield alone. Dirty, unwashed, with tools of trade and drums of chemicals in one, a stock crate in the other, it was fairly obvious that land owners had seen the great value for money in these Pik-Up utes. It made me feel a big smug to think we had the Trek camper trailer on the back of my loan car and were heading bush for a couple of days of fishing.

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Nissan Navara RX

Wayne Kampe | First Published: September 2016   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: the Australian ute buyer has never had it so good! We are definitely spoilt for choice at the moment. Take the Nissan Navara for instance. Released last year with great fanfare, the new model NP300 actually lived up to the hype. It comes in a choice of petrol or twin turbo diesel engines, with options for coil springs at the rear or a leaf spring set up.

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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport takes the lead

Wayne Kampe | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

As replacement for the Challenger, the new Pajero Sport appears to have taken off from where its predecessor finished and then raised the bar.

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Hyundai Santa Fe ticks the boxes

Wayne Kampe | First Published: June 2016   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Hyundai’s Santa Fe has been gracing our roads for a few years now, and you wouldn’t think Hyundai could make such a good vehicle even better. However, with the extra refinements they’ve incorporated into this year’s new model, they’ve done just that.

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Suzuki Vitara revisited: 5 speed

Wayne Kampe | First Published: May 2016   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

A few issues back I reviewed the excellent Suzuki Vitara wagon in top-shelf AWD specification, complete with sun roof and 6-speed auto shifter. As good as the auto All Grip drive was, I was also quite impressed with the five-speed manual 2WD Vitara. During the test drive it provided quite high comfort levels along with great fuel economy on a mix of city driving and some prolonged country runs. The 2WD Vitara might be a base vehicle within the range but it’s a long way from being a basic motor vehicle.

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Hyundai Tucson’s revival creates a stir

Wayne Kampe | First Published: April 2016   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

A few years back, Hyundai Motor Company had a family-orientated SUV wagon named the Tucson complementing their range of family sedans. The Tucson was fairly popular, if somewhat oddly styled, and was in essence a cheap and cheerful people mover. A diesel engine option ensured frugal running, while a decent ride offered comfort along with the economy.

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Isuzu MU-X 7-seater workhorse

Wayne Kampe | First Published: March 2016   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

The Isuzu MU-X is a robust 7-seater whose forte is serious off-roading. Bush tracks, travelling up beaches – perhaps with a camper or boat in tow – these are the sorts of things that can prove very difficult for many soft-roading SUVs, as many of their owners have found to their dismay. Not so with the MU-X!

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Infiniti QX80 – big, better, best?

Wayne Kampe | First Published: February 2016   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Let’s start this review with what the Infiniti QX 80 isn’t. It’s not a big poser SUV that can hum along on the sniff of diesel or petrol fumes, pretending to have off-road cred where’s there’s none, or hoping to generate some on-road presence because of stylishly sleek lines.

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Suzuki Vitara sets the pace

Wayne Kampe | First Published: January 2016   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Suzuki motors seem to be intent on spoiling Australian motorists, releasing a stand-out SUV in the Vitara. Unlike many smaller SUVs, it’s more of a high riding wagon than a chunky hatchback-style vehicle. It’s available in both RT-S (manual or auto 2WD) and the more heavily specced RT-X, which offers the All Grip AWD auto variant for those who like to drive forest trails, bush tracks and the like. As well as all the off-road fun, this model can easily double as the kids’ taxi to school.

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Nissan NP300 Navara STX

Wayne Kampe | First Published: December 2015   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Gone are the days when a work ute was just… well, a work ute. These days they often double as fun trucks for the weekend or general family runabouts. For some people, they’re even a status symbol! All of this means that without a full complement of air bags, a 5-star rating, a long list of additional features plus a ride closer to a car than a job site courier, it’s hard for a ute to pip the opposition at the sales target post.

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Wayne Kampe | First Published: November 2015   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Modern car manufacturers don’t sit still. Mitsubishi for example is constantly engineering innovative changes to their models to release very well received upgraded vehicles. The Triton released earlier this year was a standout and now the Outlander has received an upgrade to bring it into line with some of the main contenders in the niche market of high performance 4WDs.

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Isuzu D-Max X-Runner

Wayne Kampe | First Published: October 2015   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Isuzu D-Max utes have been around for a few years now and, to keep up with a very competitive market, each successive model or variant seems to be better than the last. In this review we’ll be looking at the most up-market of the D-Max models, the highly specced but hard to come by X-Runner. Why hard to come by? Only 360 are on offer this year.

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Terrific Mitsubishi Triton

Wayne Kampe | First Published: September 2015   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

The good old Mitsubishi Triton has been around for over 30 years, and this sometimes mundane utility has seen a lot of changes in this time. Notably, when the ‘new’ model came out in 2006 things suddenly became a lot more refined and business-like in the Triton’s world. A lot of tradies and people looking for a weekday work vehicle/Sunday Funday car suddenly took notice of what the Triton offered: a reasonable ride, lots of load capacity and interior room plus a diesel engine which was adequate but not overbearing in the power stakes, and yet with some economy.

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Suzuki Jimny the real deal

Wayne Kampe | First Published: August 2015   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Many manufacturers want us to believe that AWD is as good as true 4WD. The Suzuki Jimny, by contrast, stands out from the would-be-if-they-could-be pack. This is no high-sitting hatchback with double diffs and marketed as an SUV, nor is it offered in 2WD only either. Make no mistake – this little vehicle is a genuine 4WD in every sense of the word. It has a two-speed transfer box offering high or low range, which sees the ability to transmit power from rear wheels to all four wheels in high or low range by the push of a button. The ample ground clearance – 190 mm – very generous departure and approach angles all scream for a bit of fun off road.

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Isuzu’s MU-X 7 seater

Wayne Kampe | First Published: July 2015   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Roughly based on the Isuzu D-Max ute and designed to carry the fight to the likes of the Colorado 7, SsangYong Rexton, Ford Territory, Toyota Prado, Mitsubishi Challenger and the like, the well put together MU-X will impress potential buyers with its excellent design, roominess and performance both on and off road.

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Diesel give Nissan X-Trail a nice lift

Wayne Kampe | First Published: June 2015   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Nissan’s popular X-Trail has been face-lifted in this third generation model. Svelte lines, some impressive frontal treatment and a fair few rounded curves have moved the X-Trail away from its former boxy shape to a far more modern appearance, which has a striking similarity to big brother Pathfinder. Nissan have also endowed the wagon with daylight LED lighting around the headlights for an increased road presence.

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Spoil yourself at Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park

Wayne Kampe | First Published: May 2015   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Call me Mr Lucky, I get to spend time in some fabulous caravan parks and camping grounds, and Kurrimine Beach Holiday Park is one of the really good ones I’ve seen in the last year.

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Versatile Mitsubishi Challenger — value for money

Wayne Kampe | First Published: May 2015   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Refined over several models, the current Mitsubishi Challenger wagon sits somewhere between the Japanese manufacturer’s Triton and Pajero, with the Outlander also nudging into the picture as well. Yet the Challenger is different from all of these offerings. While built on the Triton’s 4x4 chassis, there’s refinement and touches of luxury — plus a much enhanced ride — that should theoretically see the Challenger having great family appeal.

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REVIEW: Mitsubishi Padjero upgraded for 2015

Wayne Kampe | First Published: March 2015   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Looking at some facts and figures the Pajero wagon has been around for a long, long time. Initially hailed as a game changer back in the mid ‘90s thanks to a suspension set up that saw a car like ride from a very capable 4WD, the Pajero was in many respects well ahead of competitors at that time.

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Subaru Forester 2.5 Petrol Auto

Wayne Kampe | First Published: December 2014   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

It’s been a while since I’ve test driven a Forester and I’ll admit to being the poorer for the situation. With the head spinning onset of so many SUVs gracing our roads it’s easy to forget that the all wheel drive Subaru Forester has been there and done it long before many of the current flock arrived from overseas.

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Seafood galore at Clairview’s Barracrab Caravan Park

Wayne Kampe | First Published: December 2014   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

In this issue the spotlight shines on Clairview. You haven’t heard of Clairview? This small but picturesque coastal locality is situated between Marlborough and Sarina and the Barracrab Caravan Park is right on the water, so close that you could virtually fish from some sites!

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Captiva 7 diesel wagon

Wayne Kampe | First Published: December 2014   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

With several upgrades over the last couple of years, GMH’s Captiva series of SUVs just seem to grow more and more appealing to buyers seeking the advantages this style of vehicle offers.

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REVIEW: New 2015 Mitsubishi ASX petrol

Wayne Kampe | First Published: November 2014   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

Around this time each year potential buyers become thoroughly spoiled for choice of a new car as 2015 models grace show rooms throughout the nation.

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Review: New Nissan X-Trail Wagon

Wayne Kampe | First Published: October 2014   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

First we got rumours, then a few leaked photos and then we got the real deal: an up-to-date replacement for the popular Nissan X-trail. It finally hit our shores a few months back. This new model X-Trail is a definite improvement on the previous wagon which, even with its aged styling, still maintained respectable sales figures for Nissan with around 140,000 units sold.

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