Kayak fun and fish
Justin Willmer | February 2017

Ruby had a great morning out and a caught couple flatties for a feed.

Hopefully you managed to get the kayak on the water over the holiday break and find a fish or two. There were no extreme fishing trips for me over the break. I got the yak in the water to introduce some newbies to the sport, and to spend some time paddling with friends that wouldn’t consider themselves hardcore anglers. These trips reinforced to me that our sport is so much more than just fishing. It’s the adventure, the mateship, interaction with nature, scenery, the serenity. Then on top of all of this, there’s still the fishing.
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Kayak selection and fit out
Justin Willmer | December 2016

With Christmas done and dusted there will be plenty of new kayaks out on the water, and also plenty of anglers looking for a post-Christmas kayak bargain from their local retailers. With this in mind I thought we’d spend this issue looking at some key criteria to consider when selecting a new kayak, and also some of the initial fit out options that will make your new vessel safer and more comfortable, and your fishing sessions more productive. Having just added a new yak to my current fleet, I have considered many of these criteria and also planned my future fit out – which I look forward to covering in a future issue.
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Bring it on at Berringer Lake
Toby Grundy | December 2016

Another flathead in the net – Berringer Lake fishes well all year round.

As a kid, I spent summer holidays hanging around Conjola, Berringer Lake and Cunjurong Point. I didn’t do a lot of fishing, but even back then I knew it was a good spot because I would often see locals and tourists returning from the lake or the beach at dusk with a mixed bag of whiting, bream, snapper and flathead.
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That’s why they call it ‘Red’cliffe
Reece Thomas | December 2016

Josh King loves getting into Reddy snapper under paddle power, and as you can see, you don’t have to paddle far.

If you are a kayak fisher that has ever dreamt about catching big snapper in shallow water in Queensland, then you may have ventured to Redcliffe, or put this location on your bucket list.
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2017 Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14
Corey Gallagher | December 2016

Since the Hobie’s humble beginnings in the 1950s shaping surfboards, the company has been synonymous with innovation and quality. Introducing a range of revolutionary products over the decades, no brand has impacted the kayak angling fraternity more than Hobie with the introduction of its Mirage Drive pedal propulsion system in 1997. Anglers quickly saw the potential of this new technology and in 2001, Hobie released the Mirage Outback, a purpose designed angling kayak that allowed anglers to propel the kayak using leg power, freeing up their hands to cast and retrieve.
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Welcoming the weed
Justin Willmer | December 2016

Weed – we curse it, pick it off our baits and lures and avoid locations because of its presence. For fish though, weed beds offer shelter, increased warmth and also salinity levels in the salt, along with a home for the creatures that they feed on like prawns, crabs, baitfish and snails.
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Aquayak Ranger sportfishing kayak
Peter Jung | December 2016

Pumicestone Passage was a great location to test the Aquayak Ranger kayak. A morning glass out made it a pleasure to go for a paddle.

Aquayak Kayaks are Melbourne-based kayak manufacturers who pride themselves on producing high quality, value for money kayaks, made using Australian plastic, which is UV certified and guaranteed not to crack or fade. This guarantee is supported by a five-year warranty on all of their kayaks.
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Lake Kurwongbah by kayak
Reece Thomas | December 2016

Mark Masters with a healthy bass just shy of 50cm.

Lake Kurwongbah, also known as Sideling Creek Dam, is situated on the northern suburbs of Brisbane approximately 40 minutes drive from the Brisbane CBD. The dam is used primarily as a water supply to surrounding suburbs but has become host to water activities such as water skiing, and of recent years, kayak paddle craft and fishing.
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Is it time for a Tamboom trip?
Corey Gallagher | December 2016

Peachtree Creek Reserve offers excellent camping and launch options with direct access to Tamboon Inlet.

Ever heard the old phrase “do the miles, get the smiles”? It’s a simple sentiment that rings very true, particularly in relation to kayak angling. It often seems the further I travel off the beaten track, the better the fishing experience waiting for me at the end of the road is.
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