Gaden Trout Hatchery – dreams begin here
Peter Jung | February 2017

The Gaden Trout Hatchery and picnic area is well worth a visit.

Growing up in the Australian Capital Territory, my passion for fishing began with dropping a line in the rivers, streams and lakes of the Snowy Mountains for brown and rainbow trout. To this day, they hold a special place in my heart. When the opportunity came up to visit the Gaden Trout Hatchery in Jindabyne and go on one of the guided tours, I jumped at the chance.
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Skinny water gold – luderick on fly
Paul Martin | February 2017

This luderick was caught on a green weed fly.

Catching luderick with weed flies is a relatively new approach that is more often used with traditional techniques. In many instances it has been proven to be more productive than using weed itself. It’s far less hassle than finding weed, wrapping it onto your hook and tying half hitches.
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Deeper arm to make your fishing flexible
Robbie Alexander | December 2016

The Deeper Flexible Arm and Deeper unit hooked up and sitting nicely in the water. This can be detached from the kayak in a matter of seconds.

I did a product review on one of Deeper’s other products recently – the Deeper unit. The Deeper unit is a portable and convenient fish finder, or sonar device. It’s a small round ball, even smaller than a tennis ball, that can be cast out from the bank or boat. Inside the ball is a fish finder transducer, which records a sonar reading from underneath it, just like many other fish finders.
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Do the right thing in the racks
Tag | December 2016

Avoid coming into contact with oyster farm infrastructure when fishing in and around oyster farms.

The thrill of hooking a solid blue-nose bream amidst the tangle of posts, racks and trays that make up a typical oyster lease is about as good as it gets for NSW estuary anglers. Heavy leader and locked up drags are standard techniques for rack fishing specialists. It goes without saying, that maxed-out tackle and brutal tactics don’t always result in hooked fish being landed. The bream are often only centimetres away from cover when they eat the lure or bait, meaning frayed leaders, lost fish and bruised egos are always on the cards.
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A guide to the river ghost
Scott Whitfield | December 2016

Mulloway are always beautiful when they come out of the water.

The warmer months are a great time to hit the estuaries in search of NSW’s ghost of the estuary, but many struggle to crack a pattern on these impressive silver slabs. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and often, if you can just break down a certain waterway, it can be very simple to find a decent school of mulloway.
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Throwing a spanner in the works
Michael Fox | December 2016

The traps used for spanner crabs are very simple, this one was homemade, but they can be purchased very cheaply.

Spanner crabs are one crustacean that you don’t hear a lot about unless you’re sitting at a seafood restaurant table reading the menu. This is probably because you can’t just wander down to your local creek, throw a trap in from the bank and catch a feed of them. You need to venture offshore in a sea worthy vessel and put a bit of time into the preparation, and on a recent fishing trip to Wooli on the Northern New South Wales coast, I did just that.
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Racing stripes
Kaspar Lenigas | December 2016

Large Spanish mackerel like this one are excellent to eat and love attacking large dead and live baits.

Spanish mackerel and wahoo are by far one of the most targeted and sought-after pelagic species offshore during our summer pelagic season. Not only do they taste great, they’re also excellent sportfish that fight hard and fast.
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Summer whiting tactics
Jarrod Day | December 2016

When targeting whiting, berley is essential. Pilchards and pellets tend to be the most effective concoction.

King George whiting tick all the boxes – they put up a fair battle on light tackle and on the table they’re an absolutely delicious treat. Caught right around the state, Western Port’s whiting are particularly popular due to their sheer population throughout the summer months and they’re still are a viable option year round.
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The lake that never Tyers
Steve Vidler | December 2016

A big flattie caught on a Berkley Gulp Shrimp.

As a keen angler that lives for chasing native Australian fish species, I love going out after a trout or two, even in the cold winter months. In Summer, it’s always nice to get a bit of a taste of salt and head out of the usual areas to spend some time closer to the coast.
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