Experience cod chaos on fly
Ross Virt | December 2016

The author took this feisty little cod on one of his own creations walking the banks of a creek at night.

Australia is a country that has it all: wilderness, dramatic scenery, crystal-clear streams full of Murray cod and the opportunity to take them on the surface with the fly rod!
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Christmas Gift Ideas
Nicole Penfold | December 2016

If you don’t know what Christmas present to buy the angler in your life, this article will solve all your problems! Ditto if your loved ones are asking you what gift you’d like, and are getting annoyed when you say things like, “I dunno”, “anything I guess” and “how about a spouse who won’t keep asking questions”. Read on to find the perfect gift – one that will make any angler so grateful they’ll forever share their fish with you. Maybe even the palatable ones. A...
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Kiwi tactics for Aussie anglers.
Chris Firkin | December 2016

Whether you fish for the table or to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, or you’re like me – superkeen, chasing big fish that pull string, enjoying the challenge and danger while spending countless hours and dollars pursuing that fish of a lifetime – whatever spins your wheels, have fun and respect what you have on offer. Not catching your limit every time you get out is what really counts.

Kiwi fishos are keen conservationists. Fishing...
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Swimbaiting Murray cod
Adam Townsend | December 2016

With Murray cod season open for another year after the annual breeding cycle, the yella gear will make its way to the back of the tacklebox as the XL swimbaits come out again to tangle with some big iconic Aussie greenbacks. Seasons have shown that when it comes to Murray cod fishing, you don’t have to be an expert to go out and catch a cod. You just tie on a lure, cast and wind a few times and eventually get a fish, right?
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Getting jacked in the South East
Simon Goldsmith | December 2016

Few species garner the respect and adoration of mangrove jack. Highly-strung, aggressive and with a reputation for a crash-and-grab approach to living, mangrove jack are a fish that all light tackle anglers, both experienced and inexperienced, dream of catching. Found and caught throughout Queensland, it’s perhaps in the southeast of the state where they are most revered. Here they occupy the mantle as the premier sportfish of the estuary. A species that has benefited from urban ...
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Jack tactics from the far north
Angus James | December 2016

Mangrove jacks are aggressive, territorial and whole heap of heart-racing fun!

Red devils, dogtooth bream, or red dogs – these are a few of the names given to one of Australia’s favourites. Of course I’m talking about the mighty mangrove jack. They’re brilliant to look at with their deep reddish-bronze appearance and vibrant markings and they’re a fish with real character and aggression. Experts in the art of ambush, jacks are true hunters armed with razor sharp teeth like canines, to pin and devour their prey with speed and explosive power. It’s easy to become addicted to targeting this iconic brute of a sportfish.  
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Top ten yellowtail kingfish techniques
Gary Brown | November 2016

Pound for pound, yellowtail kingfish are one of the hardest fighting fish in the water. At times, they can be led to the boat with so much ease that they’ll completely surprise you and explode right in your face, resulting in a bust-off or sometimes a broken rod.
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Spring time yellowbelly
Chris Frith | November 2016

Spring is undoubtedly my favourite time to hit the water in search of golden perch. I cannot help but feel enshrouded in a buzz of anticipation as the final days of winter count down. With the beautiful weather that spring entails, combined with active, spawn mode yellowbelly and the fact that cod are off limits, the decision to actively target goldens is an easy one. With recent large scale rain events across inland NSW, this spring is set to be memberable.
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Sounder way of snapper fishing
John Adams | November 2016

Pink snapper are a highly prized, sought after fish. They’re distributed around the Australian coast, commonly caught from the Gascoyne region of Western Australia to South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and right up the southern coasts of Queensland. Here are some tips about snapper and how to use your sounder to improve your catch rate.
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