Radical river fishing
Joe Allan | February 2017

Tayla Egan with a solid bream caught on an Atomic Metalz Blade.

The fat man in the red suit has come and gone and everyone is back at work or school again. Some great times were had on and around the Richmond River over the holidays. Offshore has produced quality fish when able. The 32s are holding snapper of average size and you can pretty much guarantee a good feed. The FADs are holding mahimahi. The bigger models come from the 48s when the tide is really moving. However, the mackerel and marlin have been a bit quiet since Christmas.
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Catching wind of some boring northerlies
Ross Deakin | February 2017

Spotty mackerel have been popping on morning sessions occasionally. These anglers sure got them going!

Rain would be nice, if it wasn’t just a sprinkle. We need a few solid days to flush the old Clarence, green the grass and get this end of the river in gear. As we all know, you just can’t count on normal weather patterns anymore.
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Warm water pelagics storming in
Dave Gaden | February 2017

Some fantastic mackerel have showed up in recent weeks.

The holidays are over and with that, Yamba will start to quieten down somewhat. In the 1970s when I first came here, Yamba was almost a secret except to those who fished it, now it seems that everyone has heard of Yamba and the town and waterways are busier every year.
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Redfin eating anything that moves
Ian McLean | February 2017

Tracy Mclean with a redfin that took a 4” Gulp Turtleback Worm in watermelon. She went on to catch around 30 fish in one hour.

The fishing has been pretty good lately, with the standout being the redfin. They’re cruising around in huge schools in Burrendong and Carcoar, and have been biting their heads off.
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Hottest month on the water – take care
Peter Phelps | February 2017

Local club Hunter Native Fish released fingerlings into Lostock Dam in December.

February is the last month of summer and it’s a hot time of the year to be fishing in the Hunter Valley. The surface water temperatures in the lakes will be at their peak, topping out at nearly 30°C in the middle of the afternoon.
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Post-holiday easy fishing
Dan Selby | February 2017

Flats fishing with surface lures like this Pro Lure SF62 is a very visual style of catching bream. The take and battle are second to none in skinny water on light tackle.

Now that the river has returned to some sort of normality after a busy holiday period, we can enjoy its serenity and great fishing. Flathead have been abundant throughout the main river and its tributaries this season for those using lures and baits.
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Night moves
Glen Stewart | February 2017

After dark lure presentations don’t necessarily have to be surface ones. On some nights, subsurface presentations outfish surface four to one.

The inky blackness of a night spent in the bush by the water would be the ultimate horror story for some. Trips to the garbage bin after dark scare some people, and that’s in town. Fishers soon shake after-dark jitters when they realise the bounty that it can deliver, especially at this time of year.
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Cod angling heaven
Adam Townsend | February 2017

Thomas Vodli nailed this 128cm Copeton behemoth off the surface.

The fishing so far in 2017 has followed suit from last year and has been well above expectation. The local rivers are flowing after a fair share of wild summer storms, and the local dams are still looking in very good shape.
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Copeton cods
David Allen | December 2016

You’ll need two hands to handle this monster murray cod.

The fishing this summer has been fantastic, with both cod and yellowbelly providing visitors of Copeton Waters Holiday Park with plenty of excitement. Water levels have been holding fairly steady and the weather has been typically hot through the day, but cooling off in the evenings. If you’re spending long days on the water, it’s worth remembering to Slip on a shirt, Slop on sunscreen, Slap on a hat, Slide on sunglasses, and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration – and beer does no...
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