Nathaniel Hendry with his 125cm beast!

Anglers can’t help but get excited about the continued excellent fishing in and around Lake Mulwala, especially when it comes to the surface action at this time of year. No wonder Lake Mulwala is the ‘Home of the Murray Cod!’ Beautiful summer evenings have led to one of the most productive months in recent history and there is no reason why this won’t continue into May.
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Carl Dubois with a 38cm fork-length bream caught while working a lightly weighted soft plastic over the shallows.

Do you need to get out for a fish very early in the morning or late into the afternoon to catch more fish? Or do you need to go fishing at night to catch more fish? I say no!
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Pelagics popping up in cool, calm water
Greg Clarke | April 2017

Good-sized tailor are all along the coast and there are even more in Lake Illawarra.

April may not be quite as good as March, but it’s still one of the best fishing months of the year. The days are warm after cooler nights and light south westerlies in the mornings make the warm ocean waters calm and enjoyable to fish. Even better, we have four days off over Easter. Throw in ANZAC day, after the dawn service, and you have a whole lot of extra time to fish, and the fish are still there and raring to go.
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Cooler species are wound up by the wind
Anthony Coughran | April 2017

Anthony Coughran with a nice 51cm jack caught in shallow structure on a half a dead pike. 

With predominant northerly winds blowing this month, we’ve had cooler offshore water temperatures. Fewer predators have graced us with their presence. With these northerlies, jacks have been firing, destroying live baits, strip baits and artificial lures. These red dogs are the talk of the town, with good numbers taken over the past month.
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Rivers running hot in April
Rhys Creed | April 2017

Chris Cotterill with his first Murray cod on fly – even better it was on his home made surface fly!

April is my favourite month. This month is where fishing dreams are made as we are blessed with the best fishing conditions of the year. What makes the fishing even better is the Easter long weekend - the perfect excuse to get out into the freshwater.
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Really loving the reddy resurgence
Wayne Dubois | April 2017

The redfin are back in a big way all over the country, especially at Mannus Lake as Sharon proved with this pair of stonkers.

The freshwater scene has been all about the redfin over the last few months. Crazy numbers of these tasty morsels are being caught consistently just about everywhere.
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The current situation
Gary Earl | April 2017

Drummer should be more numerous from this month onwards. Don’t forget the heavy gear and cleats on your shoes for traction on the slippery rocks.

This month should see the sea change direction, with the water running back up the hill again to banana bender territory. Additionally, the fish that moved down on the warmer currents way down south will pass us. This makes April a great time to fish around the whole Hunter Coast, especially the rocks and beaches.
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We’ve had great weather over the past month with no rain to speak of. Eden has been abuzz with visitors. The next few months offer some excellent fishing, so the visitors should go home happy. Boats heading out wide have had some success on striped marlin and blue marlin with a number of fish tagged and released.
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Bear with a great bream caught on a blade.

The town is still as busy as ever and with Easter on its way, it’s only going to get busier. Everything slows down once Easter is over, but for now, the boat ramp at Bastion Point has been chockers when the weather is good for anglers to get offshore and catch a feed of fish, and there has been some great fishing over the past month.
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