Top Cod
Tony Bennett | February 2017

Duc Tran with his fist ever cod – a 105cm monster!

The smoke’s cleared from the New Year’s fireworks and now it’s time to get back into rewarding fishing. Hopefully the early summer wind has died off, making for enjoyable fishing conditions. As always, cod will be on offer throughout the lake with all techniques producing. I must stress this about Mulwala: if you persist, you will be rewarded. Sure, your average Joe can land an unlucky fish that makes him look like a legend while a gun angler can go without. Over time, numbers will even themselves out.
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Luke Mallia slogs it out with a monster shark at the waver recorder buoy.

Our patchy gamefishing season continues to drive local bluewater anglers to drink and the Christmas influx of fishing visitors have found the going particularly difficult as well.
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Ducking out for a fish
Gary Brown | February 2017

Dennis Morton likes to fish for bream and squid off the baths in Gymea Bay.

February can be one of the hottest fishing months of the year throughout Southern Sydney for bream, dusky flathead, whiting, snapper, mulloway, morwong, mahimahi, kingfish, Australian salmon, tailor, bonito, tuna and billfish. So, what are you waiting for? Even though you may be busy working, you still should be able to find the time to get out for a fish. With daylight saving still going in NSW, you could spend a couple of hours after work going for a fish off the beach or shore in the estuary, or maybe you could get the boat out for a while.
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Fish out in full force
Greg Clarke | February 2017

Put out a live slimy and they will come. Black marlin from small rats like this to fish over 100kg are over the reefs this month.

The estuaries are on fire at the moment and everywhere else is too. It’s a hard choice to decide where you want to go and what you want to catch. There are only so many hours in a day. Sleep deprivation can be a major worry over the next few weeks, as you try to cram in as much action as you can every day.
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Cod huggers are holding tight to the banks
Rhys Creed | February 2017

The new SF Special colour FX Fury produced this cracker impoundment Murray cod.

The heat is well and truly here but the fishing hasn’t slowed down. With a bumper December and January, we expect to see some more great fishing in the region through February! With the hot summer weather brings the bugs and plenty of activity on the surface!
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Cod and trout out and about
Wayne Dubois | February 2017

Ross Virt from Kaos Cod Flies with one of the Murray cod he caught on fly on a recent trip.

The month of February can be a challenging month for anglers, especially those targeting natives in our lakes. The days are long and hot and just like us, the fish would prefer to either get up early or wait until the sun goes down before they go about their business.
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Best months of the year
Gary Earl | February 2017

Even the kids have been able to get in on the action, with the estuaries really firing-up and this month the bream are feeding close to the mouths of harbours, rivers and lakes, getting ready for their spawning run up the coast. Blake Johnson is only a li

It’s truly been a sensational two months for our region, and a great start to the year. Marlin, kingfish, tuna of all descriptions, bream, whiting, flathead and mulloway have all been the drawcard around here, and with such warm weather and currents there have been some tropical species turning up as well – so here’s hoping it stays that way this month.
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Busy and pulling in the fish
Kevin Gleed | February 2017

This angler is pleased with his first fish caught on a lure. Who wouldn’t be?

The busy period is here. All the caravan parks are full and the town is packed with visitors. The fishing has been the major attraction and with the great weather, there has been no shortage of fish caught. The fishing from the beaches has been good, as salmon and tailor can still been caught.
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‘Coota crawling out of holiday season
Kevin Gleed | February 2017

The author with a shovelnose shark caught on a hurricane blade.

The holiday period saw the town swell and get very busy, with visitors coming from all around and it seemed like all of them had brought their own boat.
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