Hitting for six
Robert Smith | April 2014

Weather is dominating most offshore anglers’ conversations at the moment. Good weather is not lining up with weekends at all and it is only the guys getting out mid-week who can get to the fish. The fish are there though when you can get out.
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It’s all about the weather
Robert Smith | March 2014

A great black marlin caught recently on charter.

We now come to that time of the year where the main conversation is about the weather and not the fishing. Small weather windows a day or two at a time will allow anglers to get out and the fish should be plentiful. The rough conditions give them a rest and time for new stocks to replenish.
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Masses of mahi mahi
Rob Smith | February 2014

This big mahi mahi was caught out wide off the Cape. It tipped the scales at 24.4kg.

The juvenile blacks have finally hit town and everyone is rejoicing. If you venture further out you’ll find that blues are still on the shelf and some little blacks and the odd striped marlin are with them.
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Waiting for kick-off
Rob Smith | December 2013

BJ Tompkins and Tim Bidencope on a recent trip to Fraser Island on Ruff N Tuff.

At the time of writing the light tackle season is yet to fully kick off. The odd black has been caught in with some wahoo and mahi mahi, but there has been no consistency. Things have been all over the place with regard to water quality, temperature and bait. As things settle down into a normal pattern the fishing can only improve.
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Game on track for Xmas
Robert Smith | December 2013

Kyle caught this 96cm, 10.5kg while on Smithys Fishing Charters.

Gamefishers in South East Queensland are looking forward to another good season based on the fishing in North Queensland during their winter light tackle season. It may not be as good as last year but it won’t be a non-event either.
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Game over, reef relieves
Rob Smith | August 2013

Nathan on Smithys Fishing Charter holding up a ripper yellowtail kingfish he caught in close in 26m of water.

Lately the weather has been atrocious and the fishing reports very few and far between. A lot of people give up on the game fishing over winter and go reef fishing instead.
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You’ll never know if you never go
Rob Smith | June 2013

The last of the speedsters like this wahoo will be around now. They are usually at their largest as the water cools.

We now come into the slow time of year for billfish anglers in South East Queensland. The options this time of year are sailfish off the Sunshine Coast, black marlin on the deep snapper reefs and striped marlin off the Gold Coast on any of the reefs deeper than 36 fathoms.
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Black is back and blue is down
Robert Smith | May 2013

This month we can look forward to a continuation of the black marlin and sailfish run on the bait schools.

The run of juvenile black marlin has continued for anglers off the Sunshine Coast but has slackened off for all other ports.
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Black run gold
Robert Smith | April 2013

This season’s black marlin run is a ‘once in a decade’ event.

All indications are we are looking at a ‘once in a decade’ event, a bit like the floods, for the continued success of the black marlin run this year.
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