Sizzling Offshore Fishing
  |  First Published: August 2005

Despite the amount of rain that has fallen recently, more stable weather conditions have allowed anglers to get offshore more often with outstanding results.


Many charter boat operators in Rainbow Beach have recently experienced the best fishing of the year. One daytime trip I did right on the full moon (which is not even my pick of days) saw us land a mass of legal-size reef fish between four of us. We bagged out on snapper to 6kg, pearl perch to 4kg and parrot to 3kg. It was a red-hot day and they were still biting when we left!

There have been huge schools of pearl perch and snapper from 4 to 12 miles offshore and locating them has been particularly easy as they seem to be biting everywhere.

We have also caught red emperor, cobia, cod and scarlet sea perch – all of these species have been biting well.

Another highlight (besides the great catches) is the spectacular show being put on by the humpback whales. They have been lunging out of the water only metres from the boat and at this time of the year it is rare to make a trip without seeing them.

I was recently invited onto skipper Tony Stewart's boat Baitrunner for its maiden voyage. He has recently fitted his 32-foot Couger Cat with new twin 250hp Suzuki four-strokes, which have really transformed this vessel, giving it awesome power and a high cruise speed. After reaching our destination in lightning speed, we bagged out on pearl perch in about half an hour.

When Tony and I are both out on a charter, we usually let each other know if we have landed on an exceptional patch of fish that one crew can't handle alone. This gives the customers the best possible day out. Tony prefers group bookings of 10 people and can be contacted on (07) 5486 8666.

This month I look forward to similar fishing with great catches of all reef fish, but particularly snapper.


Good numbers of tailor, dart and bream have been reported at Rainbow Beach with dart making up the majority of the catches. Some of these fish have been very large and have fought more like tailor. Live yabbies are the best bait for them.

August is usually the best month for tailor fishing. They are already around in larger numbers and the bigger greenbacks should arrive later in the month.

The fishing at Teewah Beach is similar to Rainbow Beach, with some nice whiting in the gutters worth a mention.


Flathead are still very active in this area. A couple of young local boys, Terry Fox and his mate Jordan, have been showing the adults up with some nice catches. I often see these mad keen fishers as I am steaming offshore early in the morning, and sometimes they're still there when I return in the afternoon!

I thought mudcrabs would have stopped by now, but with all the extra rain and mild winter temperatures they are still being caught in good numbers.

Diver whiting are thick in the Straits, almost anywhere from Bullock Point and heading North along the inside of Fraser Island.

If you’d like to join Ed Falconer on Keely Rose for a charter trip off Rainbow beach, give him a call on 0407 146 151.

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