Rising rivers spark action
  |  First Published: November 2004

Spring arrived out west in late September to early October, some reasonable rain falling to give our impoundments and rivers a little new life.

Anglers across the region encountered increased fish activity due to rising river levels and lengthening days. The water remained cold through this time and, as a result, the bait anglers have reported most of the recent success.

However, at the time of writing, the first natives were starting to be taken on lures trolled or cast in local rivers.

The Lachlan and Macquarie rivers have remained low with the occasional small rise over the past month. The Macquarie River has fished somewhat quietly but the Lachlan has produced good yellowbelly for bait anglers.

The Darling was quiet through September but the fishing started to pick up through October. Bait anglers reported most of the fish taken due to low water clarity keeping the lure brigade at home.

With a little more rain this month we should encounter some good fishing. November temperatures generally make for comfortable conditions and it is a great time to be out having a fish.


The Darling River has remained relatively low and fishing has been quiet from September into early October. At the time of writing, however, the bait anglers have just started to report some good catches of yellowbelly. These fish were around a kilo and mostly took worms and prawns.

The river had cleared to about 70cm visibility and the lure brigade were typically reporting two-fish sessions.

A small rise is predicted to hit the river about the time you read this. The rising water and aid temperature should keep the bait anglers happy but will more than likely shut down the lure scene.

Anglers using prawns, yabbies, shrimp or worms should take some good fish. If the river does start to clear again, the lure fishing should start to improve.


A few small rises in the Lachlan River between Forbes and Condobolin produced some good fishing into early October. Bait anglers working the rising waters with worms and yabbies took some good yellowbelly up to 1.5kg.

A few cod were also taken and released – remember, it’s closed season until December 1. The new water pushing through the river has done the world of good but a lot more is needed before a drastic improvement will be seen.

The Lachlan should remain clear this month and with rising water temperatures the yellowbelly should start showing some interest in lures. The many timbered holes along the river will make ideal targets for throwing deep-diving minnows at the goldens.

Anglers using worms, yabbies or shrimp should be in with a chance of some good fish. More good rain and rising river levels would go a long way to turning on some top fishing.


The Macquarie River has remained relatively stable and the cool water has kept the native fish somewhat subdued. A few golden perch have been taken on bait in the Warren stretch of the river but fishing has been a bit quiet upstream.

A few small cod have been caught and released by bait and lure anglers in the Dubbo area, but few locals have fished the river in the past month.

As the water continues to warm up the fishing should improve. Yabbies, shrimp and worms should take fish, while lure anglers will find the fish becoming more responsive as the temperatures continue to rise.

Remember the cod season is closed until December so continue to look after what is a top little Murray cod fishery.

Having returned from a trip to Europe, I have a new appreciation of how good we have it in Australia on a number of fronts. We are truly blessed to be able to get in our cars and travel to our choice of fishing destinations without paying excessive amounts of money and battling crowds every step of the way.

It makes you want to look after what you’ve got that little bit more.

The Macquarie River cod will become less docile as the water continues to warm this month. Remember, these fish are protected and must be released until the cod season reopens on December 1.

Darling River bait anglers have taken some good yellowbelly in recent times.

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