Wreck and roll
Des Carnell | August 2016

1770 wrecks are fishing great. The deep water trawler wrecks, Shannon and Barcoola, are on fire with large cobia and yellowtail kingfish pulling your arms off in the winter months, if you can get through the schools of trevally. The wreck of the Spirit of 1770 cruise boat is still on the bottom with talk of salvage non-existent, but it could become another excellent place to fish.
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Bowen Family Fishing Classic
Tag | August 2016

The Bowen Fishing Classic always sees a great turn out.

Don’t miss Australia’s biggest Family Fishing Classic at the top of the Whitsundays, along Bowen’s Front Beach. Join in the fishing and the fun at the famous Bowen Family Fishing Classic and Wet Weekend - to be held this year on the 17th and 18th September 2016.
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Feeling a bit nippy? Time to crack out the crabs!
Richard Somerton | August 2016

Let’s face it, crustaceans play a large part in the diet of many fish species, with prawns, shrimp, yabbies and of course crabs. So it makes sense to use lures that imitate these common food sources. For this article I will be focusing on crabs and the lures and techniques I use to catch fish. The main species I target are bream but these techniques can be applied to any fish species that eat crabs.
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Deeper Pro+ Fish Finder review
Robbie Alexander | August 2016

Not since Jesus played full back for Jerusalem has the fishing industry seen such an exciting new piece of gadgetry as the Deeper Fish Finder, or the Deeper smart sonar.
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Trolling from the yak
Justin Willmer | August 2016

Trolling a drop off with the rod secured in the Railblaza rod holder.

About 30 years ago, when I was a young tackle rat, as opposed to the older tackle rat I am these days, I picked up three cheap hardbodied lures from the boat show and loaded them into my tackle box ready for a weekend away with the family.
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The much anticipated global release of the Evinrude E-Tec Gen 2 motors from 150 to 200hp happened in Milwaukee, USA in June. Expect these outboards on Australian shores in December 2016.

I must admit, I’ve never been that big on attending live music events – I could count them all on one hand, even if I lost a few fingers to braided line related injuries.
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Windamere gold in the dead of winter
Ian McLean | August 2016

The author and his friend Aaron Graham had a cracker of a day catching yellowbelly at Windamere.

Getting out of bed is hard at 4am when the temperature is -2°C and everything has frost on it. Aaron Graham and I loaded the boat and headed over to Windamere with high hopes to land some big fat footballs (golden perch). We pulled up to the boat ramp and started to set the boat up, pulled the rods out of the lockers and tied on the lures that we thought would work for the day. We put the sounders on and rugged up.
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The weather is warming up. Flathead, bream and tailor are on the job! The mackerel mob are going nuts in the bay and fat bass are hitting lures in the impoundments. There’s never been a better time to own a boat.
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Beat the winter blues with bass
Steve Haughton | August 2016

Hayden Greaves with a healthy winter bass caught on worms. Not bad for his first trip out to Blue Rock!

Despite the cold water on Blue Rock Lake, bass are still being caught on lures and bait. Adding to the excitement of winter bass, there have been some big reddies taken over the last few months in among the sticks and anglers are enjoying trolling up the odd trout out in the lake. If you ask me, having a fish at Blue Rock is not a bad way to spend a crisp winter’s morning.
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