Mark Hayes delivered the tournament’s only 4kg+ bag to the scales on the final day to claim victory at Mallacoota.

Despite owning the smallest boat in the 61-strong field, Victorian breamer and long time ABT angler Mark Hayes brought it home to claim victory in the opening round of the 2017 Costa BREAM Series. The 2017 season kicked off with the BKK Hooks Mallacoota BREAM Qualifier, where anglers were greeted with one of the biggest fields for the past several seasons. A total of 61 of Australia’s best BREAM boaters and 56 non-boaters lined up for their shot at the perfect start to a tournament season.
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Steve Morgan with a pair of his Gippsland Lakes winning bream.

Fishing Monthly’s own Steve Morgan has claimed victory at the Mercury Marine Gippsland BREAM Qualifier, the second stop of the 2017 Costa BREAM Series.
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The fish are becoming more active
David Allen | April 2017

Makala Arnold’s first-ever cod from Copeton weighed 115cm.

Thank goodness we are into autumn and the weather and water are starting to cool down. This summer has been one of the hottest on record with the surface water temperatures reaching 30°C and higher.
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Dirty water stirs up the crabs
Joe Allan | April 2017

Joe from Casino Outdoors with a bass from the upper reaches of the Richmond River.

The beaches around Ballina and Lennox Head have been fishing really well and should continue to get better. Look for gutters on Patches Beach and back to South Ballina as well as the beaches along Seven Mile Beach north of Lennox Head. There have been good catches recorded of tarwhine and flathead on soft plastics and blades.
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The ABCs of squid catching
Steve Starling | April 2017

The southern calamari squid is highly prized by anglers and is capable of reaching a couple of kilos in weight.

Catching squid can be either a means to an end, or a fun and fulfilling sport in its own right. Whatever your motivation, here are some basic tips on how to do it more efficiently.
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We live in hope!
Glen Booth | April 2017

Pete Mallia nailed this trophy bar-ee at the bait grounds, and was also bitten off twice.

Hands up who wants to cancel this Coffs Harbour game fishing season and start afresh in a few months’ time? Ok then, motioned carried unanimously. Hmm.
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Rain has quickly improved Iluka fishing
Ross Deakin | April 2017

Recent downpours have really improved the river fishing.

We received some significant downpours a few weeks ago, and these rain events very quickly improved the fishing. We are now seeing some awesome flathead catches occurring down our end of the river. Bream and whiting have also been around in good numbers, as have school mulloway.
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The mackerel are really coming in late this season.

Good rains at the end of February and early March should have stirred things up a bit for this month. The continual dry weather and northeasterly winds will not be missed. The change in weather patterns will bring calmer seas offshore and hopefully a lot of hungry fish. While the estuary gets a nice drink of fresh water upstream, this should push the fish to the lower reaches of the system.
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Towing a camper trailer is just one of the easy tasks for the MU-X and it’s strong diesel engine.

Isuzu’s MU-X is a favourite amongst the boating/fishing/towing set for good reason. Why has this dedicated 4WD been so well received? Let’s start with the fact that it’s value for money, move to the excellent levels of comfort and sheer user-friendliness, and then finish off with the vehicle’s off road credentials and more-than-adequate performance from it’s strong 3L diesel engine mated to a five-speed auto gear box.
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