Last fling before Winter
  |  First Published: June 2005

The last few weeks of Autumn have been unbelievably warm and have allowed me to do a lot more late-season fishing than over the past few years.

Most anglers, including myself, have been still spending a lot of time chasing redfin in Lake Hume on bait and lures. Bait is still by far the easiest method to target redfin with worms on a paternoster rig fished among the trees around six metres down the best plan. My last trip on the lake was not the most successful I’ve had lately but considering how late it’s getting in the season it was still reasonable. With no bait, my only option was to troll.

I’ve only just recently tried the Viking Talisman 50mm and from the first time I saw them I knew the reddies would love them – and they did. The result for a day’s trolling was 36 reddies with plenty dropping off and around 20 of them over 500g. The Talisman’s action is awesome and with the added vibration from the rattles I just know the yellas in the weir will love them as well as soon as they become more active.

From this month right through to next Spring, trolling for trout should pick up but until anglers actually start pursuing them no one will know if they’re becoming more active. So over the next few weeks I’ll be swapping from my overhead braid outfits to my mono threadline kit to target them. It’s definitely worthwhile trying early.


From Lake Hume down to Mulwala there are plenty of areas to fish and a variety of fish to catch. Anglers could find themselves hooking up to anything from a Murray cod to a brown trout, yellowbelly to redfin and many more.

The anticipation of ending a day’s fishing with a variety of species being caught and released is what makes the Murray river one of the best in Australia for me. At the moment things are beginning to slow down but that doesn’t mean trying is pointless or a waste of time.

This time of year below lake Hume is always good to try your luck on a trout and in the next few weeks I’ll find my way down there most afternoons. Bait and lures work but in previous years my best sessions have come from using a scrub worm on a running sinker rig straight off the bottom.

The trouble with Winter around the border is that anglers like me who target natives find themselves with nothing to do due to the dropping water temperature and the fish going into a dormant state.

Even though the fishing becomes quiet there are still things to do to pass the time. At the end of a season I always clean all my equipment, for a start. Just because some manufacturers say they have heavy-duty components doesn’t mean they last forever without proper maintenance. All it takes is a quick once-over with some warm soapy water.

Another thing I do is practise with my baitcaster by setting up different targets around the backyard. I’m able to perfect my cast so that next season I’m able to land my lure in the spot that counts.

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