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  |  First Published: May 2008

Over the past month the wind just has not let up, but the fishing has still been quite good.


Another month has passed and still the southeast winds prevail. It is a shame because the offshore action is hotting up. We have only managed a couple of trips and had to endure constant 20-knot winds.

We fished fairly wide on the first trip and just getting there seemed to take ages punching through a very short sea. On arrival the fish started biting their heads off and pretty much straight away double headers of snapper were coming onboard. There were also plenty of parrotfish and big Moses perch reeled in. A few short moves nearby put us onto pearl perch, sweetlip and a couple of reddies.

The fish are biting well, as very few boats have been out annoying them.

A forecast of 10-15 knots for our second trip sounded good but as soon as we crossed the bar we had 25-knots straight on us, which then increased to 30-knots and didn't let up for the remainder of the day.

We stuck close around the four mile mark. The tough crew that were out for the day managed quite a few quality squire and a couple of good knobbies. Some Moses perch, parrotfish and sweetlip also made for a really good day out of the atrocious conditions.


The water in the Straits is quite discoloured from the run-off of constant rain, but this hasn't affected the fishing too much. I saw a catch of whiting that came from the sandbanks off Carlo Point, in particular a great fish of around 43cm. You need to use mangrove worms to get fish of this quality.

Plenty of bream can also be caught in the same area. Live yabbies for bait will get you a good feed of them. I took my three-year-old daughter for her first fish and within a couple of minutes she had hooked herself a nice sized bream around 30cm. Within an hour we had caught and released a couple of dozen.

There are still plenty of winter whiting on the chew around the Bluff near the bottom end of Fraser Island. The drop-offs right on the bottom end of the Island have been producing good flathead as well.


The beach has been hard work with the strong winds, however the deeper gutters close to the beach have been producing dart, bream and whiting through the day.

At night, chopper tailor are making an appearance. I think that with a cool change and calmer weather a lot more tailor will turn up.

In short, calmer weather would be a bonus as the offshore reefs are full of fish. We may not get as many trips in this autumn, but I think they will still be memorable ones.

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