Bring the barra tackle
  |  First Published: March 2015

The Stanage Road over the past month has been opening and closing just like that. With the blink of an eye and a storm in the right spot, the road can be flooded again in no time at all.

My suggestion to any adventures travelling to Stanage Bay would be to come prepared for the worst at this time of year. Bring your light camping gear, repellent, food, drinks and, of course, your barra rod and reel with an assortment of lures. There are plenty of creeks that run under the road as well as over the road, and yes, the barra travel both up and down them at this time of year. It’s nothing to drive passed anglers up from Rocky for a day trip, that have parked beside a creek on the side of the road and to see them pulling in barra.


Thirsty Sound running into Broad Sound has already been quite fruitful with barra. The golden snapper (fingermark) and mangrove jack are still hiding in the snags in creeks that are blocked off by a bar at the mouth.

If you want fish, be prepared to do the hard yards and sit the low tide out up in the creeks. Berley is extremely helpful and it’s also helpful to have plenty of different sizes and shapes in the lure department.

Reefs and islands

The reefs and islands have been quiet once again, but with plenty of show in terms of storm action. The lightning shows and thunder was like that of the Northern Territory… one word: WOW!

Come Visit

As for the accommodation, there is plenty in Stanage, from Plumtree to Alligator Bay and Alligator Point. There is accommodation for everyone, however Stanage is primarily a fishing and crabbing township, if you are not interested in going in a boat, its likely you won’t have a happy holiday.

• Prior to visiting, if you are a Stanage first time, please ring or email prior to coming up on 07 4937 3145 or just Facebook us for top tips and information on the area. I don’t monitor my Facebook, so it is crucial that any queries come direct to my email address, www.stanagebay.com and you can get some info at www.justfishingstanage.com .

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