November’s a tricky, frustrating month on both the beaches of Fraser Island and inshore Hervey Bay. On the ocean beach, the scourge of brown weed that moved in just in time for the school holidays and continued well into October may still be making its presence known.
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Dam good days on the reef
Liam Jones | November 2017

A solid Awoonga dam barra taken on a Jackall Squirrel.

Warmer days are becoming more common and by November we should be averaging about 30°C days. As these days become more common, you can expect to see more and more people hitting the dam. Especially when the barra closure comes into play.
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Red out on the reef
Scott Lynch | November 2017

The author caught this good-sized grassy just past the islands.

This month’s coral reef fin fish closure is from the 28 October to 1 November. Last closure we had guys talking over the radio about the trout and reds they had taken, not realising it was a closure. There is no excuse, particularly as everyone has a smartphone these days and the fisheries app is free. It gives you all you need to know from species identification to sizes and closures.
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Spring in your step for the start of summer
Eve Malone | November 2017

As we move through the last of our spring into the summer months, some would say we’re in our prime fishing seasons of the year. With water temperatures warming nicely, and if the early catches are anything to go by, it should be a cracker season for the almighty mangrove jack.
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Big brawny jacks are back to smack
Jason Medcalf | November 2017

It’s my favourite month of the year, big jack month. This excites me, because in our area, big mangrove jack fire up as the water temperature rises with longer days. The mangrove jack isn’t actually classed as an estuarine species, as it only spends its first few years of life in estuaries before moving offshore to mature and breed.
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Expect a reel hot summer
Clayton Nicholls | November 2017

The start to this summer has put blistering heat into the area, however this makes for some awesome freshwater afternoon fishing sessions. Plenty of people have still been getting mackerel and similar species out around the Kepple Island groups. Coorooman, Corio and the narrows have been fishing well, but during the majority of October, the Fitzroy was in flood, leaving the river a chocolate brown colour and full of weed.
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Great weather as winter continues
Dane Radosevic | July 2017

John Brown with his PB 14kg red, which he caught from the gutters.

It’s that time of year when the grey nomads start to venture north as they try to escape the dreaded southern winter weather. With cool southwesterly or southeasterly winds blowing in the early hours of the morning, this is a great time of year to hit the water and fish through to the late hours of the afternoon, as we quite often see the bay glass-out.
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Pick your days for successful trips
Clayton Nicholls | July 2017

The author with a decent plate-sized coral trout taken on a sinking stickbait at Keppel Island.

The Capricorn region has been all over the place in terms of weather. The past month has played host to calm blue clean oceans one day and murky, windy waters the next. People who have picked their days right have had great success, both inshore and offshore. The Keppels and beyond have produced a great variety of both reef and pelagic species and the creeks and rivers have produced some great estuary catches.
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Cold snaps bring on the snapper
Scott Lynch | July 2017

Craig Robertson showing a large pikey bream.

Winter is snapper time. They started off slowly, as they travel into shallow waters in the coldest months. It usually takes a cold snap to bring them right in close, which has just happened.
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