King Cobia
  |  First Published: July 2009

With the fuel subsidy scrapped by the Queensland Government and effectively adding 10 cents to the price of fuel, it’s good to know that while our economy might be bust at least the fishing is looking good.


Estuary cod have been a common catch around most inshore reefs on live pike and squid baits. Many fish are just legal size but there are bigger fish amongst them. Snapper have been of better quality lately with decent fish being landed at Wathumba, Arch Cliffs and the Arty on squid, live baits and mullet fillets.

Squid have been in good numbers around the shallow, rocky shorelines and reefs off Point Vernon, Big Woody Island and the Harbour. Yozuri and Razor Back jigs have been the best baits to use on squid. When casting the shallows for squid it is a good idea to use a lightly weighted jig to give more time in the strike zone.

There have been a few tailor around in the river and Burrum Heads systems, as well as throughout the bay. Baits fished under floats or unweighted have served anglers well and cast and trolled lures are always a good way to locate fish.


Cobia or lack kingfish can be found inshore around most structures and shallow reefs in the estuaries and bays, as well as offshore on the deep wrecks and reefs. Cobia are also capable surface feeders and are often found chasing bait schools with other pelagic species.

Hervey Bay waters are known to hold some of the biggest cobia in Australia with many fish over 40kg landed every year (they can grow to about 60kg). During the winter and spring period big cobia move in to the bay feeding on fish, squid and crustaceans; and due to their feeding habits they are easily targeted on lures.

Deep fished jigs, trolled and cast skirted lures, minnows and plastics are all proven fish takers. But it’s soft plastics in worm, crustacean, and shad patterns that are just the ticket for these fish. Bounced off the bottom these soft and scented imitations are hard to beat when targeting such a powerful and tasty fish. Hot spots to look for cobia include the Fairway Bouy, the Arty, Arch Six Mile, Rooneys, Coral Patch and the Southern Gutters.

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