|  First Published: April 2009

The latest in handy gadgets has come in the form of a fully portable line spooler.

Reel Mate is made by Ezi Fix Fastening Systems in Caloundra Queensland through an injection moulding technique. Reel Mate is simple to use and can be fitted by means of a C Clamp to a 4WD door, table, boat or anything with a semi flat surface, or it can be permanently mounted by screws onto a bench or desk. This is great news if you are out on the boat or beach camping and need to change your line without having the spool running around in the sand. One of its best attributes is that it is made from plastic so it will never rust and just needs to be rinsed under water to be cleaned.

The product has been manufactured with the highest quality material to satisfy the needs of sports and leisure anglers. It enables you to place new line onto your reel without the assistance of another person and eliminates line friction and uneven tension.

Reel Mate accepts most spool sizes, is fully portable, controls line tension, eliminates line friction, and spare parts available.

The recommended retail is $16.95 and wholesale enquiries can be directed to the manager Ezi Fix (07) 5491 9600. – Brad McKendrick

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