Loads of lizards
  |  First Published: December 2004

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching we need to remember that the waterways will be crowded and tempers can fray – especially at the boat ramps of Jacobs Well and Cabbage Tree Point. If we all pay that extra bit of attention and have consideration for others, we should be able to keep ramp rage to a minimum and everyone can enjoy their fishing experience.


The flathead just keep coming thick and fast, and from all reports a lot of them are being released even if they are of legal size (40-70cm). They seem to be more of a trophy for some fishermen as they search for that elusive metre-plus fish. We are starting to reap the rewards of the new regulations as flathead stocks are flourishing throughout the waters of the ‘Pin – just remember to observe the five-fish bag limit. The best reports have been from the sand flats at the top of South Staddie, Kalinga Bank, Cobby Passage and near Marks Rocks in the Logan River.

A couple of really big mudcrabs were taken from the Logan and Pimpama rivers recently, and the good catches should continue. Anything from mullet frames to kangaroo meat is being used along the steeper drop-offs and holes of these rivers and around Lagoon Island, Cabbage Tree Point and behind Woogoompah Island. Plenty of sandies are being taken from Tiger Mullet Channel, Canaipa Passage and the eastern side of Long Island.

Tailor catches at the moment mostly consist of chopper-size fish as we wait for the summer schools to move through. The odd greenback tailor is showing up, with some trevally and occasionally a tarpon at the bar and in the breakers of North and South Stradbroke.

Large summer whiting are being consistently caught on beachworms and bloodworms from the Logan River near Pitts Rocks, south of Russell Island around the four red beacons, the western side of the Never Fail islands and close to Wave Break Island at the top of the tide.

There are still plenty of bream about but most of them are just on legal size and aren’t worth keeping. For better quality fish try Whalley’s Gutter, off the Pig Sties, the oyster leases near the Pimpama and the northern wall of the Seaway.

Keep your great reports coming in, and if you’d like to weigh in a decent fish stop in at Gem Bait & Tackle and you might just find your picture in QFM.

If you have any questions or want advice on what’s biting call us on (07) 3287 3868 or email --e-mail address hidden-- I’ll catch you next month.


1) Chris Kieth and Michael Cross got these three at the top of South Straddie off the beach on pillies. The big one went 69cm.

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