Zambezi two-person inflatable kayak
  |  First Published: November 2003

WE ALL know just how good kayaks are for sneaking into tight corners and making near-silent approaches to fish-holding structure, and even to actively feeding fish. However, one of the drawbacks with this type of craft is that they are often bulky and require a solid vehicle roof-rack for transportation. Not so with the Zambezi inflatable kayak.

When the Zambezi is deflated and in its handy carry bag it’s only 80cm long, making it small enough to store behind the front seat of a car. When set up for use it's a very functional 3.7m long and able to fish two anglers comfortably.

The Zambezi is built to last, with heavy-duty double coated nylon along its outer section and 30-gauge PVC on the inside. This durable kayak is certainly a tough nut to crack, with its solid 84 denier nylon outer layer designed to withstand accidents with hooks and the like.

This kayak is a comfortable little craft. It features hardened bow and stern caps to aid its progress through chop or ripples, and it’s as stable as can be, easily turned and very responsive to the slightest dig of a paddle. In the twin cockpit areas there are neat folding seats which incorporate back rests for comfortable travelling, while a zip-up storage net up front of the forward angler holds spare tackle and suchlike within easy reach. A useful velcro paddle holder takes care of the paddle while you’re casting lures or playing a fish.

And when underway with one or both anglers on the paddles, a small fin on the keel assists in directional stability. I found the Zambezi moved virtually as easily as any other kayak I've paddled, most likely because although it’s an inflatable craft the bottom is entirely flat with no ripples or bumps to inhibit progress – and, of course, it’s very light.

Setting up the kayak is quick and easy. Once you’ve taken it out of its carry bag, which also holds the fold-up paddles, it takes less than five minutes to inflate the craft with the foot pump (supplied). Once you’ve done this the Zambezi is ready for launch, and because it’s only 12kg it doesn’t take much effort to move it to the water – one person can do it very easily. To make it even easier there are handles on the bow and stern as well.

Air is supplied to the craft via a Boston valve (allows air to travel inwards only) which, when tightened up, will not dislodge under any circumstances. Deflating is easy – you just remove the valve.

At a mere RRP$749, the Zambezi offers great value for money when you consider all of its features – plus the fact that it provides access to great fishing areas inaccessible to land-based anglers.

1) The 3.7m Zambezi kayak folds down to only 80cm when deflated, making it easy to transport and store.

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