New language and Big Goldens
  |  First Published: October 2003

BUNDABERG recently hosted the crew from Channel Ten’s Fish N 4 Wheels. Eddie Riddell and his team joined me on Lake Lenthall for an entertaining day chasing bass, then we all spent a day on Rob Wood’s Bundaberg Fishing Charters boat Kato.

The day we spent bass fishing was a hoot; Eddie is always up for a good laugh. We started early throwing spinnerbaits in the first bay near the ramp and Eddie quickly nailed a decent fish. After all the explanations on how we caught it and what we used to deceive it the fish was put in the live well. Unfortunately that was the best fish of the day and as the day wore on and I explained all the names for certain techniques, lure retrieves and other very bass orientated things it became apparent that Eddie thought I was making it all up. This episode should be aired this month so keep an eye for it you might learn a new language.

Bundaberg Fishing Charters

On the second day we all packed up headed for the Bundaberg Port Marina. After loading all the camera gear on board and meeting the crew of Kato, Matt Coster, Brett Jones and Rob Wood, off we went. The wind was blowing a good 15knots as we headed out to jig some livies. Rob has a downrigger set up on the back of the 8m Shark Cat and as we hit our destination the biggest livey in the tank was rigged and set to troll. I have downrigged this spot a few times before and it usually doesn’t take long before the bait is eaten, that is until you add a TV camera.

We trolled that bait through some serious arches on the sounder with no result then it was decided to drift with our livies. Eddie had a Raider Jig rigged on a spin outfit and Rob and I just put livies on overhead rigs. I was the first to the bottom and it didn’t take long for the 10kg mono to start pouring from the reel. As my first run ended, Eddie called he was on too. Unfortunately his fish pulled the hooks. After a bit of a battle and plenty of playing up to the camera we hauled aboard a golden trevally that would have gone 15kg - not a bad start for the day. We reloaded baits, headed back over to the spot and dropped down again, and again I hooked up and so did Eddie on his spin gear. This time there was a crack like a gun going off because as Eddie’s fish hit hyperdrive the line had caught around the bail of the reel.

On the next drift I sat out as I had had enough of the physical abuse and I am glad I did. Rob hooked up on his 50lb stand up gear and was nearly dragged to his knees as a big daddy cod had eaten his bait. After plenty of grunting and moaning, Rob finally pulled this great fish aboard. Weighing around 80lb this fish sealed a very good segment for Eddies show.

Eddy’s new lady presenter Caren Shaw also got into the act with a very respectable 20 pounder in the sloppy conditions. Unfortunately the conditions forced us home because I was just getting ready to go again and Matt was actually up and ready to drop in a line. This episode should go to air either this month or next so keep your eye out.

If you’re planing a fishing trip to Bundaberg all basses are now covered. Bundaberg Fishing Charters offers reef and estuary fishing charters and also now has hire boats. There is a 4.55m centre consol Polycraft with a 40hp outboard for a max of 4 people and is for licensed boat drivers. They also have a 4.1m Polycraft with a 6hp for 6 people and no licence is required.

Now that the water temp will start to rise soon so will the mangrove jacks aggression so if your interested in chasing a few of these guys on lure or fly give me a call at Topwater Sportfishing Adventures on (07) 4155 3357 AH. Book early as the next few months are the best and I am starting to get pretty full.

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