Instent Tents – Ready in seconds
  |  First Published: August 2005

Before you think I’m having trouble spelling the word instant, I’d like to set the record straight. ‘Instent’ is the name given to these two lightweight and compact tents by their Western Australian maker, Black Stump. So with that out of the way, let’s get down to business and look at each tent in more detail.


The Mossie Dome tent is a fully fly-screened, oblong dome tent that opens and sets up in seconds, yet is large enough to accommodate a swag with ease.

To set the Mossie Dome up all you need to do is take it out of the bag and hold the folded tent (which is bit like a big umbrella) upwards so the legs fall open. The next move is to spread the six folded legs out evenly so they are entirely free of each other. There is pull cord right at the top of the ‘umbrella’ where all legs join and giving this cord a firm pull will separate and spread the legs of the tent.

With the tent starting to take its shape, the idea is to keep more pressure on the cord and push down a little on the top of the tent. The neat little pole at the top will then pop out through the solid ring in the centre of the frame and click into place, keeping the tent in an upright position. A tag on the end of the cord can be locked into a slot on the little pole, which effectively locks the frame rigidly into its upright position. After you’ve banged a few pegs through the corner floor tags, you’ll be able to have a good night’s sleep, without midges or mossies intruding. The large door makes access easy, and a fly is available as well, to provide a dry night if some light rain or mist is about.

When it’s time to fold the unit after use, you simply repeat the above process in reverse. After removing the locking tag, a little downwards pressure makes the legs fold inwards and the tent simply collapses. While the 6 legs may be spread a little, it doesn’t take much to bring them all together and gently fold them. You can then roll the tent up and slip it back into its bag. None of this takes more than a few seconds.


This sturdy two-person tent is as quick to erect as the Mossie Tent and follows the same principles. When you lift the tent up, the legs extend downwards. Again, the cord in the centre of the sturdy ring on the top of the tent will allow the legs to extend once pressure is maintained on the cord. The locking system atop the tent is the same as that of the Mossie Tent.

In practice, it pays to open the main door of the tent before you extent the frame, as this allows everything to stretch just that bit easier. When the frame is fully extended, pegs can be popped into each of the corner loops to secure the tent to the ground.

The tent has a large rear window, plus a pair of windows on each end so that plenty of breeze can flow through in hot weather. A fly is supplied with the tent and the fly hooks into neat loops on its external wall. One thing I particularly like is the neat awning section that stretches forward over the door. In all, it is a compact, practical sort of unit that can accommodate two people with ease.

Both tents are fine examples of gear that is both useful and relevant. They are very well made with sturdy stitching and neat joins between the walls and the floor. One of the advertised features of these two tents is that they can be set up in seconds, not minutes, and I am quite happy to agree with the claims. Around two to five seconds work will see each set-up ready to go.

See these unique camping accessories at your local camping store; trade enquiries to Black Stump Trading Co. Clackline 6564, Western Australia. They are also online at www.instanttents.com.

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