Video review: Fishing Wild in Weipa
  |  First Published: June 2003

AUSTRALIAN Adventure Productions has begun what could be a new wave of popularity on the fishing video front, and recently I found the time to enjoy the fruits of some hard yards put in by Damon Olsen and Aaron Concord.

These enterprising young fellows are right up there with the keenest fishermen I’ve ever met. Just try talking to them about anything else! The subject of this video is Weipa, and these anglers have taken a slightly different approach from many in the past. The results are definitely well worth a look. Thanks to hundreds of hours of casting lures at very fishy looking snags these guys have captured some amazing footage, including barra and jacks belting lures with gusto and some great shots of the same species attacking surface offerings.

In one sequence the barra are so active the baitfish schools scatter wildly and some land in the boat. If that’s not enough to get your toes wiggling and your casting arm twitching, try sitting still while you watch big queenies and some serious GTs hammering fly and spin gear around Weipa’s famous beacons.

But wait, there’s more! Cape York is a sandflat-stalkers paradise, and Damon and Aaron take full advantage of that. Pristine sandflats covered in crystal clear water and full of cruising golden trevally, giant herring and yet more queenies makes for a caster’s paradise.

If you are into fishing videos – and my video collection is surpassed only by my lure collection – do yourself a favour and grab this one. There is more info available at www.nomadsportfishing.com.au.

Lastly, many good tackle stores around the country are stocking this product so talk to your local tackle guy and get him to find you a copy.

1) Try sitting still while you watch frenzied queenies hammering fly and spin gear!

2) In one scene the barra are so active the baitfish schools scatter wildly and some land in the boat.

3) Damon Olsen will a hard-fighting Weipa golden trevally.

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