Time Out at Toorbul Point
  |  First Published: April 2003

THE EARLIEST fishing memories I have are of a holiday at Toorbul Point. There was an old car, a dirt road, (I'm going to show my age here) calcium carbide lights, a big marquee style tent and a heap of fish for dinner. My parents are adamant that I was all of three years old at the time.

My recent return to Toorbul Point also involved my parents – now octogenarians – who enjoyed the visit immensely. I drove while they enjoyed the scenery.

A very good bitumen road now replaces the rough old track we used to travel on. The road into Toorbul Point is now off the Bruce Highway, on the eastern side, and is almost opposite the Big Fish tourist destination. From the turn-off the signs are easily followed to our destination via Pumicestone Road.


Once at Toorbul Point the Esplanade is the main feature, and there are picnic areas, rest areas with conveniences, boat ramps and the sight of Bribie Island just across Pumicestone Passage.

There is also a caravan park at Toorbul Point, located just off The Esplanade. Powered sites for vans and campers are available, along with numbers of good grassed tent sites as well. This is a fairly cosy sort of caravan park/camping grounds, but those who book early for Easter and Christmas holidays will be well served. Bookings can be made on (07) 5498 8210 which happens to be the local store as well. You can speak to Mark and Leonie at the store.

Toorbul Point is a very quiet sort of holiday destination, yet there are plenty of folk, and I'm quick to admit that I fall into this category - that simply love quiet and off-the-main-stream sorts of places. The main night life is pretty well limited to the Tavern which does adjoin the camping grounds, making it an easy matter to head home after enjoying a few cold drinks.

At the Toorbul Tavern meals are available on Tuesday and Friday nights. I was interested to see the sign on the Esplanade pointing out that the Toorbul Fishing Club does meet at the Toorbul Community Hall on a monthly basis for a weigh-in, and the opportunity of a few cold drinks. There is a licensed bar, hot tucker, and I noted from the sign that guests are welcome. Could one ask for more?

I was impressed with the boat ramps onto the Passage. There was plenty of water for launching, even at low tide, and ample parking. Best of all, because of the quiet location there were no queues – a very different story from what you see at most boat ramps around the southern corner of the state these days.

This is also a good bitumen ramp and can be used by all manner of trailer craft. The ramp allows access to the nearby estuary system, via Ningi Creek, where I would imagine a lot of succulent mud crabs and feisty bream would reside. This ramp is accessed via Moffatt Esplanade, which runs off Freeman Road, one of the major roads at Toorbul Point.


The very clean and mighty fishy Pumicestone Passage is a dominant feature at this destination, although the opportunities provided by the Ningi Creek are certainly not to be overlooked either. Think of those muddies!

Frozen bait is available at the store so it's not necessary to bring it with you. On the other hand though, it’s always fun to get your own. Gathering bait shouldn’t be a problem as there are extensive yabby banks in Pumicestone Passage, and of course yabbies are excellent bait for all manner of fish, from flathead through to whiting and bream.

While a boat is a handy item to have at this locality, which offers quiet and sheltered waters for the boating fisho, the keen angler won't necessarily need a boat to find fish. There are plenty of excellent flats to wade on a making or falling tide, and the angler set up with a shoulder bag, a container of bait, and a light rod shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a feed of bream, whiting or flathead.

When wading in this area it’s smart to wear a pair of old joggers or suchlike, as rich waters such as these are will always be fairly well populated with rays. You don’t want a jab from the spine on the tail of one of these blokes to take the shine off your holiday!

1) Once on The Esplanade at Toorbul Point the visitor will note the signs pointing to the boat ramps and caravan park.

2) A view of the caravan park and camping grounds at Toorbul Point. Both powered and un-powered sites are available.

3) This photo shows a quiet reach in Ningi Creek. Do you reckon there would be a few muddies in here?

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