First-class trout on the rise
  |  First Published: June 2017

Now that the water levels are starting to rise again I think that the fishing this winter is going to be absolutely first-class with the trout coming up in great numbers throughout May. This month it’s going to continue.

To all you anglers who troll for trout, quite a bit has changed over the past few years in relation to certain areas and lines that we used to troll. I have spoken to loads of anglers that say their go-to spots aren’t producing like they used to and a lot seem to think that the fish aren’t as prolific as they once were, and it’s a stocking issue. I disagree – there are loads of trout and great quality fish to boot. Here’s why your old spots aren’t cutting the mustard.

Even though the stocking programs lately have concentrated on natives more than trout, it’s the sheer numbers of cod that are now on the edges and fringes of our old trolling runs that have pushed the trout out wider than you normally fish. Don’t just give up on your favourite spots. Push out about 50m or wider and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with your results.

It makes perfect sense that they have moved out of the danger zone and we need to adjust as well. Five years ago I used to sight cast to trout working the edges all the time. Fast forward to now, you simply don’t see trout on the edges anymore. It’s great for the natives, but this has diminished our ability to target trout the way we used to. Change it up and head out wide – that’s where they’re at.

Flat lining Tassies or hardbodies in about 10-20ft should see you get amongst them at this time of year. On the cod side of things I think the fishing in winter is gonna be great as well. Don’t be scared to put on some big bad lures. I mean that literally. Anywhere upwards of 20-30cm, cod just love ‘em. Even big soft plastics with a 6/0 or bigger weedless style hooks will give you a great advantage in the snags.

A big congratulations to all those involved in the Lake Eildon Fishing Challenge to raise money for those in need via the Variety Bash. It was a great success and will be even bigger next year. Well done to all. It was great to see a few youngsters like little Cooper showing his older teammates how it’s done. Just have a look on the little bloke’s face – you can’t buy joy like this. A picture tells a story, doesn’t it? Another future fishing addict is born. I love it.

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