Gear up and get out there
Angus James | July 2017

The first half of the year is done and dusted. I hope everyone has had the chance to make some great memories for the first part of the year and is ready for a cracker next half on the fishing front!
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The barra are still going strong
Rob Howell | July 2017

Warm northerly winds will mean fish like this are still on offer at Monduran in winter.

May and June have turned up the heat on barra in the 50-75cm size range. With a milder winter than usual so far, these feisty barra have shown no signs of slowing down.
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Tailor your approach for winter fish
Josh Dunn | July 2017

The author has been sounding up plenty of tailor on the bottom and using a large white plastic with a heavy jighead to get the to bottom quickly. The average size of these fish has been 42-45cm.

With the cooler weather already set in, we’ve seen some great fishing. The Seaway and Jumpinpin have been firing with tailor on early morning sessions. Some fishers are getting up to 30+ tailor per session on surface lures and metal spoons!
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Winter species going crazy right now
Stan Young | July 2017

Kingfish are abundant at the moment at the island and can be caught on knife jigs and plastics or stickbaits.

Snapper, kingfish, bream and luderick are going crazy at the moment. Anglers are catching good numbers of fish at sea and in the river.
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Blackfish starting to fire up
Aaron Donaldson | July 2017

I’d like to start this month’s column by introducing myself. I’m Aaron Donaldson, and some readers would already know me from working in tackle shops for the last few years. I have been fishing the Central Coast all my life, and I enjoy all aspects of the sport from gamefishing to flyfishing and lurecasting. My aim with these reports is to provide up-to-date information that beginners and experts will find of interest. Here’s what’s been happening in recent weeks.
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Still catching cod on surface lures
Adam Townsend | July 2017

Dean Thomson caught this epic Copeton cod on a Westin Percy the Perch Swimbait.

The colder months are well and truly here now and with temperatures getting down to -5°C in the first couple of days of winter last month, bigger Murray cod are on the move.
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Winter opportunities at Windamere
Glen Stewart | July 2017

When fishing Thompsons Creek Dam with lures, wave action and lower light levels are just a few factors that can tip the balance in your favour.

Opportunities knock for those brave souls that venture out fishing in freshwater on the central Tablelands at this time of year. Extremes in weather create opportunities on both ends of the spectrum, in summer and winter.
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Frosty mornings and glassed out days
Peter Phelps | July 2017

July can be a very cold time to be out on the water in the Hunter Valley. If you’re brave enough to put up with it, you can be rewarded with some great fishing and near cricket scores of fish caught. The frosty mornings can make for glassed out beautiful days on the water.
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Tips to target Tweed trevally
Tim Latter | July 2017

Brock Perry with a beautifully marked golden that gave him the run around on a run-in tide at Boyds.

The cooler months on the Tweed can be an exceptional time to target trevally species in the river. Not only are they a fantastic sportfish, they are also sensational in beer batter and make even better sashimi.
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