Reddies are a good sign for the fishery
  |  First Published: April 2017

It’s been a long time coming ladies and gentlemen. Finally the redfin have come back to play and in massive numbers, and all sorts of sizes. It’s great to see loads of little fish getting about in big schools, which means they are breeding well. This provides a good supply of fodder for our natives as well as a future abundance of the premier table fish that Lake Eildon has to offer.

There have been some outstanding reports of sessions that produced 150+ fish ranging from 10cm up to 48cm. That’s a ripping session in anyone’s book. The Pines seems to be a big time hotspot at the minute for reddies. For many anglers it has been the go to spot over the last month. The Ford inlet has been holding its own with some nice fish coming out lately as well.

Throughout March the water releases went up to the 8000ML a day to cope with the very dry spell that we have had. It looks like it is set to stay quite dry for the next few months, according to the weather reports.

There are still a few yellas getting caught on bait in the shallows from the bank. They’re not big fish, but enough to keep you interested. Fish around the 30cm mark are about the norm. Just remember the minimum size for yellas is 30cm and the bag limit is five, not the ten it used to be.

The cod have also been very active as well with good numbers of reports filtering throughout February and well into March. It’s great to see that most methods are working. Spinnerbaits are the standout. On a recent trip we pulled a few in the 60s and got roasted by substantial cod. I know where it lives and will be going back to have another crack.

A young chap by the name Brock Reddrop came over and picked up a couple of crackers – 89 and 92cm on a night mission. Well done, sir. I love seeing young anglers with that look in their eyes. It’s very exciting.

Keep safe out there and good luck with your pursuit of fish.

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