Is it the beginning or the end?
  |  First Published: November 2015

We may be coming to the end of spring, however it is the beginning of summer and better fishing ahead, bring it on. This is one of my favourite times of year as most forms of fishing are beginning to flourish.

In the fresh Brogo Dam or the river just below is teaming with bass only too willing to feed after winter spawning and a lack of food. In Brogo Dam itself, concentrate around the weed beds as shrimp numbers begin to increase as are the native minnows or gambeezies. In the river below, look for structure as it is not hard to find.

In the estuaries it is full steam ahead with flathead being most prolific in both Wallaga Lake and the Bermagui River. Upstream is the place to be where the warmer water carrying the nutrients for prawns that need to feed. Fish like to eat prawns so expect other species like bream, whiting, luderick to also be lurking.

Now is also the time to start looking for those tasty crustaceans if you like prawning, however, you may have to do some searching to find the best lakes and estuaries that are harbouring them.

Salmon schools are moving along the coast, providing opportunities for beach anglers, off the rocks or boat fishing close to shore. Often all that is needed is a hand full of lures, and casting from all these locations or trolling from a boat can often result in hours of entertainment.

Out to sea, tiger flathead are on the move with most of the fish lurking in and around the 50m mark. Larger fish are out wider, however the ones closer in will produce a bag in quick succession.

Out there too is where species like morwong or snapper are likely to be found and of late those tasty pigfish have also made their presence felt.

Now’s the time also to venture out to Montague Island, as there is a fair chance the kingfish should be showing. Check with the locals to see if this is so, or just go and give it a go, as if they are not feeding there is plenty of reef fish to be found around the island.

The other option you then have if it is quiet around the island, you can go wide to chase game fish such as albacore, yellowfin or maybe even a bluefin tuna. After last year’s very warm water temperatures there is a big possibility of an early season marlin. Trolling is the best way to go with a good spread of both surface and diving lures, as this method allows you to cover more water to find where fish are holding.

Maybe the last option while out wide with the aid of those electronic reels is to do some deep water fishing in depths of 200-400 fathoms of water. This form of fishing is like a box of chocolates; you just don’t know what you might get. Blue eye trevalla, jemfish, ling, ghost cod just to name a few… so go out and explore your options!

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