Fishing for the winter blues
Darren Redman | July 2017

This was the first of a few winter bluefin to hit the deck.

July is proving to be the month for chasing those famous and often very large southern bluefin tuna. Winter blues now takes on a completely different meaning.
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Offshore offers great options
Stuart Hindson | July 2017

Your first mulloway on plastic is always a challenge, but it’s even more rewarding when it nearly hits the metre mark.

Offshore anglers, particularly those fishing the bottom, have done extremely well with snapper, morwong and flathead making up most bags. The fish have been moving around a bit, so trying a number of locations until you find them has been the key to success. The reds have been close to shore with the cuttlefish run, with water depths of 15-20m being ideal.
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Promise of cold moorings
Stuart Hindson | June 2017

Scotty Finlay with a couple lure-caught bream from over the flats.

Winter’s here and with it comes the promise of cold mornings with westerly winds, especially when fishing the local estuaries.
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Winter means blues and yellows
Anthony Stokman | June 2017

Jem Abbot and a Clyde River mulloway.

If you asked a group of people to put up their hands if they love winter, you’d only get a few hands up. We have a love-hate relationship with winter. Yes, it may be cold. Usually that’s the only reason why hands are down.
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There’s something old and something new
Darren Redman | June 2017

Get into chasing luderick! They pull hard and there are so many different ways to catch them.

Fishing for luderick in the traditional way with floats and weed is something old. For something new, there are a lot of anglers out there who have never tried it, so look to an older form of angling to try something new – it’s a lot of fun.
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Tuna season May be starting late
Stuart Hindson | May 2017

Blades have been around a long time now. They still work on finicky deep water black bream.

It’s a cracking time to fish the waters off Narooma with the sportsfishing fraternity licking their chops in anticipation of what’s on offer over the coming month. May is traditionally the start of tuna season, although over recent years it’s been a little later. The water was still quite warm and hovering around 22°C recently.
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Golden fins bringing anglers in
Darren Redman | May 2017

Hopefully there will be plenty of tuna this season.

Pilgrimages have been a part of human life around the world for ages and for decades now, an annual journey has been made to Bermagui. Anglers from all around the country and overseas come to our shores in pursuit of the golden fins of the mighty yellowfin tuna and what else may be on offer.
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Big bream busting and a few good kings
Anthony Stokman | May 2017

Josh Sawyer and Jed Forrest getting amongst the autumn bream.

It’s autumn and that means big bream. Put 6lb braid with 4lb fluoro on a size 1000 reel and jump on a hard fighting estuary horse of a bream. You’ll feel like you’re gamefishing in the estuary, especially if you’re chucking expensive crab lures around racks.
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Live baits are going swimmingly
Stuart Hindson | April 2017

There have been solid tailor getting around Wagonga Inlet with 50cm models quite common.

We’ve finally received some decent rain over the last week with around 100mm falling in that time. To say we needed it is an understatement, as the last decent drop was way back in June 2016. This will only improve the fishing further, especially in the estuaries. The water clarity has been crystal clear. That’s not saying the fishing has been slow – far from it, but it will only get better now.
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