Catch a trout at Casey Fields
  |  First Published: April 2015

Casey Fields is located less than 5 minutes from the heart of Cranbourne and is a popular fishing spot for not only the locals, but people all around Melbourne.

Trout in suburbia tends to do that. It’s a great pretty spot to take the family to wet a line and with plenty of activities and facilities close by, you can see why it’s a drawcard for anglers of all abilities.


Without doubt the best time to fish Casey Fields is just prior to the school holiday period. The lake gets stocked normally about a week before school finishes with a good population of healthy plump rainbow trout. They average about 25-35cms in length and provide plenty of fun for all ages to enjoy, especially the kids.

Dawn and dusk are ideal times to target trout. Low light and cooler temperatures really gets them going.


The lighter the outfit the more fun and success you will have. A 1-3kg spin rod is best suited for both bait and lure casting anglers. Matched with a small spin reel with some light 4-6lb line will be more than enough to get you out there casting the lake. For bait anglers, a small size 8 ‘mosquito’ hook fished under a float close to the reeds is a go to rig. If the weather is hot, the trout tend to seek deeper and cooler water, so fish a light running sinker rig with pink Powerbait on the bottom. Powerbait floats, so it will sit slightly above the bottom making an easy meal for any patrolling trout nearby.

BAIT, LURES and flies

As mentioned above, Powerbait is a gun bait, but maggots can also turn the trout on.

For lure fishers, a size 1 Celta or a small hardbodied lure is pretty deadly. Both these lures have weight so you can cast them out far and cover more water more effectively.

Recently, I took the fly rod down there one night after work and got them on a range of flies with small Muddler Minnows and Matukas doing the damage.


Lure fishing is an effective method to catch good numbers of trout. Walk the outskirts of the lake and fish the pockets where there is a break in the reeds. Fan your casts and work the lure all the way to the bank. A lot of fish will follow the lure all the way to the bank and hit it just as you’re about to pull it out of the water.


Casey Fields is a put and take fishery. There is nothing wrong in taking a few fish home for the table for the family to eat. Just remember to not overdo it and only take what you need so there are fish left there for the next excursion.


Using berley pellets will be the difference between 1 fish and 5 fish. Trout released into this waterway are from a farm and are used to getting fed on a daily basis. So the sound of pellets hitting the water when you throw them in will get the trout fired up and looking for where the pellets are coming from.

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