Flowing streams brings life
  |  First Published: March 2015

I love this time of year, the rainfall and stormy weather really gets the fish excited, especially the species that inhabit our freshwater rivers and streams!

The oxygenated water and nutrient rich foods it flushes down sends our favourite QLD species into overdrive, making it the perfect time to grab the rod, your favourite artificial presentations put on the trekking gear and start exploring those systems that are waiting to cater for your next land-based fishing adventure! 

Sooty grunter

If you’re after some serious light gear entertainment then the sooty grunter will be ready and waiting! Solid fish and plenty of them have been providing loads of entertainment.

The sooties will hit just about anything you throw at them but a great way to target them is the good old spinnerbaits. These are great because they are basically snag resistant, giving you more time hooked onto the fish and not the snag they are hiding in. TT Lures make the Vortex range of spinnerbaits, these are the perfect medium sized presentations for those nice accurate land-based flicks.   

Mangrove Jack

Now we all know what else this hot weather fires up, the mangrove jack! And they don’t have to be big ones to give you hours of fun! Fishing the sweetwater in search of the smaller models is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping.

Anglers including myself have been racking up big numbers in the crystal clear streams, and my favourite way to target this tough costumer is any soft plastic that has a tail action. Most of the time the lure will get crunched as soon as it hits the water if a red devil is in the area! 

Jungle perch

As I sit here in front of the keyboard I must say I’m a little excited, this being because my gear is packed and I’m about to set off to target an Australian species that I feel very privileged to have close to home, the jungle perch! And this is by far my favourite time of the year to chase them!

In my opinion, JP fishing is one of the most amazing styles of sports fishing available to the land-based angler, from their aggressive surface strikes to there mini barra jumps!

If you want to get amongst some JP action do some research on Google Maps pick a system that has access to the salt. Much like Australian bass, they need the salt for their breeding cycle. JP will feed on just about anything that will fit in their mouth.

Remember, jungle perch fishing is all about being stealth. It’s a great way to enhance your skills as an angler! 


Now for the safety brief. As we all know, with anything there is risks involved when out enjoying this beautiful country. So I just want to remind everyone of a few key things we can do as individuals to make for a safer experience.

1. Fish with a mate.

2. Always tell a few people what system you are fishing.

3. Bring a compact first aid kit.

4. Phone and a personal EPIRB is a good idea.

5. Remember food and water, particularly for longer trips.

6. PPE, i.e. hiking boots, sunglasses, hat.

7. Don’t forget the fishing gear.

So fishos take advantage of this awesome time of year, get out there enjoy the magic and land some quality fish that are waiting to smack your lures! 

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