All the species firing – top times ahead
  |  First Published: November 2012

November is a hectic time for anglers on the northwest coast of Tasmania. Opportunities are endless!

It can be hard to decide where to go fishing when there are so many opportunities on the cards – especially when you only have limited time off!

By now the rivers are firing, and in the upper reaches, the trout are feeding actively and are in good condition. The lower reaches will still hold quality sea runners looking for vulnerable prey and the dry fly fishing will begin heating up on dams such as the Pet and Guide (especially on the warm evenings). That been said, November is usually a time of year when the salty boaters come out to play!

If you have that rare opportunity when the perfect high-pressure zone is sitting over Tassie, the weather is calm and sunny, and, you want to ensure you have a good fishing trip, then get out in the blue water, as the temperatures are rising and the fish are responding well. We have some great water for bottom fishing: good quality gummy sharks are not that hard to find and you are almost guaranteed a nice feed of sand flathead as by-catch.

Locations are not important. Some people may disagree but I have found that the sandy bottom in 30m off Wynyard will produce very similar results as the sandy bottom in 30m off Devonport. Depth is important. I find the best results in between 20-40m deep, hence why I usually sit in around 30m when targeting gummies. Oily baits on paternoster rigs work a treat. Remember, you don’t have to throw almighty big baits out! Something that a flathead can eat is fine for gummy sharks too – even the big girls!

What happens if you get bored, sea sick or just plain sick of it out wide? You come in close to the rocky reefs and target squid and Australian salmon! We have some cracker calamari to offer here around our rocky reefs. Bright squid jigs fished mid water in around 5m of water is usually a good starting point. I use the saying “if you can’t see the bottom, you’re fishing too deep” as a general rule of thumb. If you spot a school of salmon busting up (which is not uncommon this time of year), don’t ignore it! You can’t beat the arm pump pulling action of Aussie salmon on light gear. If that doesn’t get your heart going, you’re doing it wrong.

One last bit of advice

November is usually a time where a lot of anglers forget about trout as they focus more on the blue water. If you’re smart, you can sneakily have your best trout sessions and all your favourite spots to yourself while everyone is distracted. However, others may have the same idea so it could backfire. Whatever you decide, there is no excuse to not have a bend in your rod this month!

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