Holiday kid fishing 101
  |  First Published: December 2012

It’s holiday time which is just the perfect time to introduce the kids to fishing.

The kids may not necessarily be your own. They may be grandkids, neighbour’s kids or friends of your kids; the rules are still pretty much the same. The first rule when taking kids fishing is you need to realise this is not your fishing trip, it’s theirs and the sooner you lock that in the easier it will be for you.

Once you have resigned yourself to the fact you are the help, you need to plan ahead.

Over the break it will be hot, so whether you are fishing of the bank or taking out the boat you will need to stock up on liquid and supplies. Kids are just like little adults. They love the whole experience and this includes the little extras like food and drinks. Water is a must, but if you want the kids to really enjoy themselves pack a few snacks. They are outside burning energy so a sweet treat really won’t hurt.

My kids look forward to dipping into the snack box while out in the boat and this is great when things are a little quiet on the fishing front. Entertainment is also a must and I find the challenge of who is going to catch the biggest fish a pretty good tool for keeping them focused and having a laugh.

Being comfortable will also help keep the kids happy and this includes shade if it’s hot. This can be done with an umbrella or a wide brimmed hat. Keeping the other end comfortable is important too so a cushion in the boat or a super comfy fishing chair will add to the experience.

As far as the fishing goes it is not important whether they are catching elbow slapping whiting or just mucking around feeding the toad fish. It’s the time outside near the water that will instil a love of the great outdoors.

As adults our fishing focus is all about that chance to catch that fish of a lifetime and returning back to the camp or holiday house as the triumphant hunter and gatherer holding our prize high and proud for all to see. Kids see fishing as a chance to get near the water, splash around or ride in the boat and look over the side. Catering for their simple joys will make your trip out together much more rewarding.

Safety is a must and we all know now the rules and regulations regarding kids and boats and of course how vigilant we must be around dams and rivers. A word of advice though, safety is paramount but so is getting these kids out on the water and living.

Why is it so important to get kids out fishing? It’s their future and if we don’t inspire a generation to get out there then there will be no one to fight for the right to enjoy the great outdoors.

Enjoy your Christmas and have a safe new year and make sure your kids get out and enjoy fishing because one day it might be their new flash boat you get to go fishing in.

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