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  |  First Published: April 2012

The fishing has been fantastic around the estuaries of the Pin lately, especially just through the bar.

When the weather has been good plenty of boaties have headed out and had some great catches of longtail tuna, mackerel, cobia and the odd mahi mahi around the Dragon wreck and further out to Sullys Reef. A few ventured out even further and were rewarded with wahoo, sailfish and small marlin.

The Logan River has produced a few mangrove jack on live banana prawns and herring around Marks Rocks. If you’re keen on chasing a few jacks, the best time has been the last hour of the run-in tide. Be sure to have heavy mono trace line up to 60-80lb; don’t give them an inch as they’ve been busting up plenty of fishos lately.

There have also been a few good lizards, whiting, morwong, sharks and plenty of catfish in the river. A few banana prawns should still be flicking about so keep an eye out for them on the sounder.

Around the Pin bar the tailor are on the chew chasing baitfish and smashing metal slugs on the surface, mainly early in the morning on an incoming tide. A couple have been decent-sized greenbacks to nearly 3kg, however, mostly are choppers.

A good tip for beginners chasing tailor is to remove the treble hooks that come with the lure and replace it with a single chemically sharpened hook around the 1/0-2/0 size. Tailor tend to swallow the whole treble when feeding, so using a single hook will make it easier for you to remove and also cause the fish less damage.

Flathead should be around in good numbers along the weed banks near Pandannus Island, Cobby Passage, Kalinga Bank and near the powerlines. Small pillies, whitebait and soft plastics are working well with white, green, and pink the best colours. Natural baitfish looking lures are catching a few too.

Flathead are an ambush predator and lie in wait for your bait to drift pass, so be sure to keep your baits on the move and cover a heap of territory. If you catch a smaller lizard chances are there will be more around as the smaller fish school together. Work the same area over again and your catch will improve.

Good quality whiting are in the sand banks near Crusoe Island, Slipping Sands and the Broadwater towards the Gold Coast. Stick with live worms if you can get them, if not, peeled prawns, squid or cured worms are worth a try.

There are plenty of small to medium bream about, which is nothing new, so be sure to release the undersized ones safely so that they can grow into the larger kind that are much more fun to catch!

Thanks for all you reports and feedback if you’d like any advice or info drop us a line at Gem Bait & Tackle on 07 3287 3868 or email --e-mail address hidden--

I’ll catch you next month.

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