White Pointer 750
  |  First Published: November 2011

When you name your boat after the most feared and powerful killing machine that patrols the oceans of this planet, you want the product to be able to live up to its moniker.

The White Pointer series of boats do live up to this top-of-the-food chain billing by producing a quality series of high end, plate aluminium boats designed for the serious offshore enthusiast.

White Pointer boats are based in Gisborne, New Zealand and are backed by over 20 years experience in producing high quality, plate boats with an unlimited range of features. White Pointer Boats are built on a rigid steel frame known as a jig. This has been a method used in boat building since the beginning of time.

Innovative Building Design

This method ensures consistent shaping and the ability to produce a more complex and curvaceous shape: these shapes are unique and complex for an alloy trailer boat.

The White Pointer range also has a unique hull shape. By adopting the traditional method of shaping the hull skin over a predetermined ‘egg-crate’ frame and girder type structure, combined with a welding sequence, White Pointer are able to produce a rounded, compound curve hull shape that squeezes the water out, rather than slapping over the top.

This is known as the ‘non pounding hull design’ and is synonymous with White Pointer boats. The integrity of the hull is backed by a 10-year recreational hull design.

The boat in question for this test is the White Pointer 750 sports hard top. It is a boat designed for the enthusiast that demands a comfortable ride and a practical boat. The boat itself is one serious offshore weapon that not only gives a feeling of rugged dependability but is aesthetically pleasing with sleek lines and a magnificent finish both inside and out.

This legendary non pounding hull design wasn’t put under much pressure on a calm flat Corio Bay on test day, it was a bit like playing Lance Franklin at centre half forward for the local U12’s.

However as we powered along in the White Pointer 750 at a top speed of just under 80kph you could easily appreciate some of its other outstanding features. The cabin itself is a magnificent combination of practicality and comfort. All the cockpit features come easily to hand for the skipper, yet the other members of the boat are not forgotten.

Plenty of solid grab rails exist in the cabin, yet are unobtrusive in their design. As well as two comfortable padded forward facing seats, there are also two rear facing seats that are well sheltered within the cabin. These seats also tip over to reveal storage space, not that this boat is short on this.

On test day the air temperature was hovering on a balmy 7C, even though it was mid-afternoon, yet this was barely discernable in the cabin as we tore across the mirror clam bay at a speed that would’ve turned you into an icicle in any less enclosed space.

You can really image the level of comfort as you powered out to the shelf, yet there is little reduction in your viewing ability with few blind spots and a set of wipers to keep the windscreen clear as you punch through the spray.

Solid Build

The high quality welds and solid design gives the WP750 a super solid feel yet retains it aesthetic appeal with high standard paint and upholstery. The lockable forward cabin is roomy and lined with a quality finish and includes a plumbed toilet, very handy for extended trips with family members.

The lowered floor is a great feature of the White Pointer boats. It helps give the boat a low centre of gravity; the boat doesn’t yaw from side to side as much as rest as a higher profile boat would. The lower cabin also helps give the boat its sporty sleek lines.

The lowered floor means that headspace in the cabin is not compromised and this low centre of gravity is also good for the angler.


Quite often in boats this size the distance between you and the water can be quite a lot, which can also be a little daunting. Tracing/gaffing/netting fish and even simple tasks like giving your hands a quick wash can be difficult, yet this is a simple job in the White Pointer 750. Alternatively when fighting a fish you are low enough to securely lock your centre of gravity below the free board, even if you are tall.

There is plenty of space in the rear ‘working area’ of the boat with plenty of room for anglers to dance around each other in double or triple hook up situations. Dive enthusiasts would have more than enough clean open area for all their gear with no protrusions to catch on equipment and tanks.

Small features add up

There are plenty of storage areas built in, but none intrudes on the working space of the boat. All these and the other lockers in the boat are strong and secure when travelling, yet easy to open when access is needed.

Batteries and switches are kept behind lockable doors well off the floor and away from wet areas. Underneath the long the centre deck of the boat is a tremendous amount of storage. This storage can be either wet storage for fish or dive gear, or kept as dry storage. If the storage is used as wet storage system it has its own flow-through system that is separate from the bilge set up. This is particularity handy in keeping contaminants and potential blockages, such as congealed fish waste out of the bilge pump.

The package comes with an attractive and eye catching trailer complete with electric breaking system and Alco torsion suspension.

The price as tested for the White Pointer 750 is $149,825. If you are in the market for a top of the range offshore boat for either recreational or even professional, applications then the White Pointer 750 might be the boat for you. For video footage of the White Pointers in action go to www.whitepointerboats.co.nz


6mm Hull plates

4mm side plates/decks.

Approx tow weight : 2300kg on trailer

Overall tow length: 9m

Beam : 2.5m

Height on trailer: 3.2m

Horse power range: 200-300

Quoted performance figures have been supplied by the writer in good faith. Performance of individual boat/motor/trailer packages may differ due to variations in engine installations, propellers, hull configurations, options, hull loading and trailer specifications.
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