Bonkers for barrel tuna
Wayne Diffey | July 2017

These anglers put in the hard yards to pull up this whopper 116.5kg tuna.

Things have gone a little quiet along the local beaches lately with only a few small salmon being caught. There have been some very decent gummies caught off Johanna Beach at night; one local hooked into two gummies around 5ft long in the space of an hour. He was using a fresh salmon fillet on a running sinker rig.
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Heavy pelagics hitting the decks
Wayne Diffey | June 2017

A cracker tuna caught out from Cape Otway.

The salmon have made quite a return to the local beaches recently. Good-sized schools of decent fish have been showing up at Wild Dog Creek Beach, near Pirates Cove, the back beach at Marengo and Johanna Beach.
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Winter time is stout trout time
Mark Gercovich | June 2017

Winter time is trout time.

June marks the beginning of winter, which is a depressing thought for most, but not for anglers who are keen on some big southwest trout. A wet year last year, combined with a not-too-hot summer and an autumn with a few significant rainfalls (in what is often a dry time of the year) should result in some excellent trout fishing opportunities.
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A great Cape Otway tuna.

We’ve had reasonable weather over the past month. Quite a few days were suitable to hit the beaches, streams or get out wide in a boat.
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Hopping onto the Hopkins for hot fishing
Mark Gercovich | May 2017

Luke Gercovich with a Hopkins River mulloway.

May has the potential to be a great month for fishing locally. Sometimes we get protracted days of calm sea conditions before we head into the depths of winter. River species, like trout and estuary perch, also get on the move as we head into the cooler months.
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A cracker 5.5kg kingfish from Apollo Bay.

We’ve had some good weather over the past month, broken up by some real sour patches. There have been good reports of decent salmon off the beaches. One old timer came into the shop last week with the carcass of a 4kg salmon that he caught off Kennett River.
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April is cooler for many catches
Mark Gercovich | April 2017

Luke Smith with a Hopkins River mulloway taken recently.

April used to be when the tuna season would swing into gear big time. However, these fish have been in good numbers inshore since January, so the anticipation of April is not a factor this season. Perhaps it may see some bigger barrel tuna show up, as Easter has sometimes seen some of these 100kg+ fish encountered.
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Cape Otway kingfish are a hit this month.

The weather has been pretty good with plenty of fishable days for both land-based and boat fishers. Salmon off the beaches, bait fishing or spinning, has been pretty reasonable with reports of some good catches up to 2kg and Wild Dog Creek Beach is still a favourite spot.
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Inshore bluefin going nuts
Mark Gercovich | March 2017

Big inshore stickbait-eating bluefin have been a summer highlight this season.

Once again the South West has seen an influx of southern bluefin tuna during the summer months. With many genuine specimens over the 20kg mark, these fish have been turning up in waters from 20-35m deep.
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