Angler vs. Predator
  |  First Published: October 2011

The long winter is done for another year and finally the warm weather is getting anglers motivated.

October is the month where the days begin stretch out; earlier sunrises and later sunsets means it’s time to go fishing.

The Burnett River

The Burnett has been fishing really well with lure anglers having a ball on cod, jacks and plenty of small barramundi. As the water temp rises the bigger barra will be on the chew. There is a closed season looming so this is the month for targeting a barra for a feed. The bigger fish will be hanging in the deeper holes and snags during the day but targeting them in the shallows early in the morning and late in the evening could also be productive.

This month is the time to use the same techniques in the salt as you would in the dams. Big holes and bends in the river will reveal fish and the use of a good side scanning sounder can make the difference between landing big barra and landing a school grunter.

The big barra will be a little more tide orientated and have a smaller bite window so put some time in on the river and concentrate on those areas you find fish. Patience is the key; they will bite, you just have to be there when they do and have your lures in their face.

Trolling is a good option for those without the patience for casting for hours on end. If you’re going to try trolling make sure there isn’t a boat there casting at the fish. Sometimes a boat trolling over the fish that others are targeting can spook the fish and really upset the guys that are casting.

The Baffle

Well the Baffle has really benefited from earlier in the year floods and it is fishing very well. Spring of course has the flathead on the move and most anglers are getting a few for a feed. Lure fishing and moving baits have been the go as the flathead are fired up and keen to hit anything on the move.

Roger from Baffle Creek Caravan Park has reported a few nice jacks showing up in the park as well as a few grunter. Most of his guests are fishing the lower reaches of the creek and doing well but he has heard the upper reaches are starting to produce a few jacks as well.


The prawns and the whiting have still been running at Woodgate and although they are thinning out they are still well worth the trip. October is a great month to visit Woodgate; with the water warming up it’s a great place to relax, swim and fish.

The upper reaches of Theodolite creek will fire up and the jacks and small barra will be a great target for lure fishos. A small tinnie or a kayak is perfect for fishing this creek as there isn’t much water left at low tide. If you head down there for the weekend, Ben from Barkarla Caravan park loves his fishing and can help out with a bit of local knowledge.

Kayak Capers

I’ve already managed to get out for a yak jack fishing trip, venturing north of the Kolan. The day started well with a couple of estuary cod finding my Prawnstar in the first few casts. As the morning progressed we moved up the creek fishing a dropping tide. I had had a few nice hits when I finally nailed a nice mangrove jack on my honey pot coloured offering. This was followed quickly by a nice flathead that was living on a rock bar.

We kept moving and as the incoming tide caught us the fishing fired up a bit more. I caught a nice trevally which gave me some curry around the kayak. We managed a few more mangrove jack with my mate Paul getting three on a surface popper. After fishing hard all morning Jason hooked up to a crocodile of a flathead that was all of 80cm, but as I was snapping shots from my kayak the beast gained its freedom!

I switched over to my favourite soft plastic and soon had a tarpon dancing for its freedom. The day was coming to a close when I fired my 4” Hollowbelly into a great looking snag and hooked up a feisty little barramundi. The day was completed by an hour and a half paddle back to the ramp, which was worth the physical slog. October will be a great month for sneaking around the creeks in a yak so jump on Google Earth and start planning your fishing mission.

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