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  |  First Published: July 2011

It’s hot off the press, it’s arguably the best and certainly the largest ARB catalogue ever.

Featuring sufficient scenery shots and in situation product placement, this new catalogue will inspire even the most modest 4x4 owner to get out some maps, plan a route, and go on an adventure in this great country of ours. For the diehards the catalogue will help assess which ARB product can go onto the pride and joy to make it even better!

The best part is that this catalogue is free and it’s available via the ARB website, or from an ARB outlet.

Of course the catalogue is also full of great products for just about any four-wheel drive, and even some two-wheel drives found off or on our roads; from Cruisers to Commodores it’s all there.

ARB products and technicians cater for all levels of experience and enthusiasm. This means that setting up a hardcore enthusiast’s vehicle for travel where roads don’t exist is just as important to ARB as is setting up the occasional adventurer’s vehicle.

the ARB Track Shelter

Drooling over the catalogue’s 167 pages I found a product I really liked, given my love of camping and general outdoors life. The ARB Track Shelter is ideal to use for sports events, general camping, as a dining tent, or as general all round shelter.

The Track Shelter is a handy addition to the existing range of ARB touring tents, awnings and accessories. The Track Shelther features high-grade construction and is a quick, reliable answer for weather protection, and with the optional mesh and solid side walls in place, insect protection as well.

Dimensions are by no means modest; this is a big shelter at around 3m long, 3m wide, and with a roof peak at 323cm. The roof material and walls are also 300D coated polyester for extra long life. There are also three different height settings to provide extra flexibility in the unit’s set up.

The shelter comes packed in a durable carry bag set up with handles and wheels for easy use and packs down to just 27cm x 27cm and 162cm long, weighing around 12kg.

Setting the shelter up is easy. Simple unfold it from its bag and then set up the powder coated steel frame, supporting in the same manner of a big umbrella. The idea is to erect each side in turn until the legs click into a locked and fully extended position. The centre pushes upwards just as easily.

All the extendable parts of the shelter move with little friction. It’s a simple matter to hammer a peg into each wide foot to stop the freestanding shelter from moving, or if it’s really windy there’s provision to set up some guy ropes from the kit.

The Track Shelter is but one of the many products listed within the new ARB catalogue. Get yours soon, and have a look at what’s on offer.

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