The Yabby
  |  First Published: December 2010

During the hotter summer months when it is just too hot to get out on the streams and lakes during the day, there is nothing better than heading to the estuaries of Victoria’s 90 Mile Beach and the south coast of NSW.

Invariably you will escape the searing heat of the inland waterways and be cooled by gentle sea breezes, in theory anyway.

Most of these estuaries will provide you with some outstanding fishing on light fly gear to chase the two main core species of flathead and southern black bream; both these fish are prime fly species.

At times both are veracious feeders taking sandworms, small shellfish and of course yabbies.

Many of the southern estuaries have extensive areas of sand flats, often dotted with little patches of weed and reef areas, these are all top fishing locations as it is great habitat for the yabby’s, and the weed and rocky patches provide cover for the often spooky bream. Flathead can be found just about anywhere, but a sure bet is to fish the drop offs of the little gutters and channels that meander through the flats.

Early morning and evenings are best to target the bream, as the low light conditions will make them a little less spooky. Fish the yabby pattern in and around the weed and reef patches using a slow figure eight retrieve mixing in a couple of quick strips every now and then.

If it is flathead you are chasing, then fishing the previously mentioned drop offs, holes and depressions in the sand is the go. You can be quite aggressive with your retrieve. I use the strip and lift method with a quick strip of line and a flick of the rod tip at the same time, this will cause the yabby to send up a little puff of sand which will cause the flathead to attack and sanction your yabby with extreme prejudice.



HOOK:Mustad 34007 # 1/0
THREAD:Pink Gudebrod.
EYES:Dumbell & plastic tag pins
BODY: Pink estaz chenille
FEELERS:Pearl sparkle flash.
SHELL:Plastic orange straw.
RIB:Orange mono.

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