Stanage stayed safe in the cyclone
  |  First Published: May 2017

With the brunt of cyclone Debbie flying across QLD, our little township was safe when the direction spun to northwest instead of southeast. Pacific Villa had a few minor things rearranged but I haven’t heard of anyone badly affected in Stanage. Apart from nature doing its pruning with the trees and beaches being eroded, all is good.

If the BOM could find the GPS mark for Stanage Bay on the point, our weather might be more accurate. Then all the boaties would be safer from these extreme tides and weather events. We need our boaties in the know, so to speak.

The road was cut on most creek crossings, which were brimming with water, which didn’t stay for long… leaving the township stranded on and off. Stanage Bay township was that of a ghost town, an unfortunate consequence formed each cyclone season.

If travelling to Stanage, be careful. Deep little washout drains run across the road and huge potholes can be hidden in unexpected places in the shadows, if you travel in the afternoon. The usual defence to you and your vehicle is to drive to prevailing conditions – slow down and keep to your side of the road. The award-winning cattle have right of way.

A big ‘oops-a-daisy’ goes to the boys who got themselves bogged in sand on Wadallah Creek on the Stanage Bay Road in the build up of sand. Thankyou to Shane from Dolby, who helped the lads with his tractor.

The muddies have finally decided it’s time to show their monster claws. Most crabbers I know have been happy with their catches. It’s only natural the best pots, good fresh bait and flat sets help. With the wind around cyclone Debbie’s visit, only small catches of reef fish have been reported. Jimmy and Jess had a good time on the grassy sweetlip and a couple of red emperor close to the boat ramp.

In defence of the small catch report, only a few boats have gone offshore lately. With the wind now predominantly coming from the west, expect the snapper and Spanish macs to come on the bite, especially off the Jeffries, Sail, South Sail and Townsend.

Until next month, let’s be kind and respectful to each other. If someone needs a hand, offer one. A kind smile is free.

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