larger fish on the move
  |  First Published: April 2010

Now that the colder weather has set in, the smaller, more active fish have gone off the bite and the larger more territorial fish are starting to appear.

There has been some decent fish caught in our region in April and hopefully they still appear in May.

In May I suggest using larger lures around the timber, and put as many cast as possible into the same area to provoke a strike from the bigger fish.

Change your lure every now and then, as a different colour or action might annoy a big cod enough for it to strike.

Good casts will mean more fish once the colder weather hits as the fish go off the bite and are less active. You will need to cast hard into the timber and put your lures or bait right into the fish’s mouth.

Best way to improve your casting is to buy a couple of different weight casting plugs, put a bucket down in the backyard and cast away. Try short and long casts and after a while you will be a pro. Just remember that practice makes perfect.

Kialla Lakes

Kialla Lakes has slowed right off in recent weeks, which is puzzling because the lake usually fishes well all year. The yellowbelly have certainly gone off the chew – hopefully it’s not for too long.

I am sure they only stay quiet for a little while, as it’s a good fishing spot.

Most nights you can pick up yellowbelly around an hour or so before and after dark.

All I can suggest is to keep at it and you never know they could be on fire right now.

Upcoming Events

The River Rats Fishing Club is currently in the planning stages of two brand new fishing competitions to be held in the Shepparton region.

As the president of the club I am asking all local anglers for some ideas and feedback on what you like and dislike about fishing competitions.

We will hopefully keep entry fees at a minimum and try to lure some well know sponsors to support the events.

So stay tuned as I hope to announce the details about these events in upcoming issues.

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