Spoilt for choice at Khancoban
  |  First Published: September 2008

Time to drag the gear out of mothballs, respool the reel with line, put a few drops of oil in the bail roller and the handle and repair the waders Better still, head down to the local tackle shop and buy some new gear, then load up the trusty vehicle and head for Khancoban.

After the recent heavy rain, the region is looking forward to its best season for years.

Hopefully Spring will provide even more rain.

Regular stocking has been maintained in lakes, dams, rivers and streams, which with the addition of cold Snowy Hydro water, provides anglers with all the ingredients for a successful fishing trip. Special midweek accommodation deals are also available.

I advise anglers to plan an early trip, between September and Christmas, to take advantage of the excellent conditions.

In recent years Summer trout fishing has been ordinary, to say the least, due to the lack of water in the hydro storages and this Summer will probably be no different, so Spring and Autumn will be the pick.

The trout have returned to the lake to fatten up. There’s no great size to them at the moment, with most around 1kg to 3kg – which is small for Khancoban!

Redfin are starting to be caught, with one of my customers picking up 20 on worms, along with seven trout, four of which were released.

The trout are still feeding in the grass beds and are choc-a-bloc with snails, with the occasional small redfin rounding out the diet.

The recent rain has got the fish moving around the mouths of the inlet streams, so dangling a nice juicy scrubworm is worthwhile, too.

Don’t forget Khancoban Troutfest, which this year is on November 22 to 29. There are great prizes and fun for all, so get in early and be in the draw for the ‘early bird’ prize.

For entries and further information, contact Stuart on 02 6076 9030 or visit: http://www.visittumbashire.com.au/ for an entry form.

Fishing is not limited to Khancoban, but includes Tooma and Geehi dams, plus all rivers and streams in between.

September school holidays are just around the corner. Bring the family to Khancoban to enjoy some of Australia’s best trout fishing, snow sports and breathtaking scenery.

Wildlife is abundant and the area is a lush green after the recent rain. We look forward to your visit and will do our best to ensure a truly memorable holiday.

Rob and Neal Waite with their friend Luke and some nice brown trout they caught by trolling Tassie Devils in the Khancoban Pondage.

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