Don’t wait for a Rainy Day
  |  First Published: July 2009

Raincoats come in many shapes, styles, thicknesses and waterproof levels and it’s sometimes hard to work through all the marketing guff to get to what you really need.

A great example is for a Queenslander in the tropics. They need a lightweight, cool raincoat that has exceptional waterproofing qualities. Conversely an angler in the Tasmanian Highlands would need a coat that will be able to keep them warm, dry and provide a serious level of waterproofing. The first angler may be best to look at breathable shells when looking at raincoats. The second angler will need to consider his or her entire layering system and has to know that the layers breath (including the raincoat) to ensure they can survive the cold, harsh Tasmanian weather while fishing. This angler may consider a combination raincoat with a fleece liner, or a dedicated raincoat built in a similar vein to a snow jacket.

The big tip when looking for your next raincoat is to make sure it suits your needs. I have three raincoats. The first is a dedicated fishing raincoat from New Zealand that is warm, super dry and is now almost 10 years old. I also have a combination raincoat and fleece, which is perfect for trips down the Murray River from May to July as you can remove the fleece liner when the day warms up – usually around early afternoon! My third jacket is a simple shell jacket that is incredibly waterproof, light and cool. This jacket is used in the topics and throughout summer in Queensland when heavy storm cells drench everything but temperatures are hot.

Raincoats are vital fishing accessories whether you fish from the beach, from your boat or huddle up on the bank of your local lake with a warm brew. Raincoats can keep you warm when needed, dry and allow you to fish for longer periods in conditions that are not always ideal. And let’s face it, with limited time these days, it’s more important than ever to make sure we are safe and comfortable while fishing in conditions that are not ideal.

Have a good look through the following raincoats and do your research about what best suits your needs. You may find, like me, that you will need several raincoats. If this is the case, don’t scrimp, get a couple of different coats and make sure you can continue to fish when you have the time and the desire.

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