Your complete guide to crabs
Steve Morgan | April 2017

Fish Candy’s Smash Crab is finding a nice little niche amongst offshore anglers – red emperor, snapper and many other reefies love a feed of crab. Pic courtesy River 2 Sea.

Roll back the clock five years and you wouldn’t find many anglers with a crab-style lure in the tackle box. Sure, some companies tried to get a crab imitation right, but a lack of appetite combined with a lack of knowledge meant that these baits seemed destined for the specials bin – usually sooner rather than later.
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Tackling the issue of tackle
Sean Thompson | April 2017

A single hook that’s been in the salt can cause other hooks around it to rust if put straight back in a tackle box without being washed and dried.

Tackle choice and preparation is a key area for critical for angling success, but can be an area which is both overwhelming and generally misunderstood by many anglers. This month, we will look at what you may be doing wrong in your tackle preparation, and how you can change that to catch more fish.
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Presenting a fresh spin on catching snapper
Stephen Worley | April 2017

Snapper on spinnerbaits started off as an experiment by the author, but now it’s his go-to method.

Here’s a story that’s not only for the snapper anglers looking for something new, but will hopefully also inspire other anglers to explore new ways to freshen up their fishing.
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Bottom bouncing for golden perch
Wayne Dubois | March 2017

Early in the season, in dirty water and when searching large areas, it’s hard to beat a good rattling lipless crankbait.

Golden perch might not have the prowess and cult following that their bigger cousins the Murray cod have, but they are way more common, regularly encountered, targeted more, caught more and most importantly, they are more widely spread around the country.
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Common fishing mistakes anglers make
Sean Thompson | March 2017

Fishing can be a wonderfully relaxing experience and a great escape from the pressures of everyday life. But it can also be frustrating at times – leaving you wondering why the fish aren’t biting or how that big one got away!
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Stanage Bay is a stand up fishing place
Liam Jones | March 2017

Les Jones with a solid golden snapper from Shoalwater Bay. This fish was taken on a slow fall micro-jig worked over some deeper structure in Keiver Creek.

With more and more people coming into the shop to ask about Stanage Bay, I thought it was time for an in depth look.
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Some tender loving care for big barra
Wayne Kampe | March 2017

The sling has two strong straps and ample room inside for a really large barra. The clips are holding the cradle at full extension and at the ready.

The chance of catching a big barra in one of our stocked impoundments has never been better. All of the major barra lakes are exciting anglers this summer, and some mighty big fish are pulling like tractors and taking to the air.
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Searching for perch in the South West
Colby Lesko | March 2017

Getting fish in consecutive casts is common once a perch school is found.

That old saying ‘10% of anglers catch 90% of the fish really does ring true for the elusive estuary perch. While many anglers are avid perch anglers and know every little hidey-hole to find a perch in their local estuary, to many others they are a fish that is seen in photos, yet never seem to make an appearance on the water.
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Goodness me! Early season SBT!
Andy Smith | March 2017

A typical school fish on a 6” pusher.

March is here and that usually means anglers have the game gear rigged, the boat given a once over for offshore use and an eye on the early season tuna reports around the West Coast of Victoria. If that’s you this season, you are late… months late!
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