Black drummer – a cymbal of success!
Jamie Robley | August 2016

Black drummer are built tough and live in a rough and tumble environment. They also quickly develop a very bad attitude when hooked and have no regard for light tackle or gentle fighting tactics.

Aussie anglers are lucky to have an enormous variety of fish to target right around the country, from small freshwater streams, through to the wide blue yonder. Some of our fish are brutally tough fighters that can rip out hundreds of metres of line in a single blistering run, while others have a habit of making a complete mockery of supposedly heavy tackle.
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Breaming the bobby cork way
Wayne Kampe | August 2016

Bobby cork, hook with small sinker and a bead working up against a bit of floss: it’s the simplest of rigs yet works wonders on bream around wash areas.

Bream are a highlight of fishing at this time of year. With a reputation of being tricky, picky, and generally shy biters, there is one situation where bream can become outright easy, and that’s when fishing around wash.
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Sussing out structure in freshwater
Rhys Creed | August 2016

This is the perfect picture to demonstrate how the root ball works. As you can see, the roots of the tree keep the truck off the bottom creating a pocket of space underneath the log. If water was covering this snag it would be a great hideout for a cod.

You may have heard the saying ‘location, location, location’ in fishing circles. For those of you who haven’t, it basically means that the location is extremely important in finding success. You need to be in the right location to find fish. What is the right location? It’s a very open question and that’s what I’m going to cover in this article.
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Gifts ideas for Father’s Day
Bob Thornton | August 2016

If your dad’s anything like my dad, the gifts he’ll really appreciate are the things he’ll get plenty of use out of. Because unfortunately, we can’t all have a Darryl Kerrigan type dad’s, who have poolrooms full of ‘sentimental’ gifts and an appreciation for the simplest of things.
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Winter is prime time on the broadwater and the canals, as many species really fire up. However, when I think of winter I think of trolling hardbodies for tailor, Pomatomus saltatrix, throughout the broadwater.
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Early option for Tassie trout
Justin Causby | August 2016

A wet fly fished deep over the weed beds among the trees accounted for this fish.

Well, things were looking very grim as we moved through autumn with record low lake levels across the state. But did we get relief in a big way! Sadly it was too much at once, causing major damage across the state’s water side infrastructure and even worse, no lake levels are worth more than a human life. Extreme flooding was the result of significant falls with close to 300mm falling in 24hr periods in many regions.
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The search for perch
Jarrod Day | August 2016

Perch can be an elusive estuarine species. If you’re ever going to find one, work the snags to find success.

Mulloway are often described as the ghosts of the estuary, but as elusive as they are, estuary perch can be quite the ghosts themselves. Scattered far and wide around the coastlines of Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, EPs as they are more affectionately known are a highly sought species – especially for lure enthusiasts.
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The allure of modification
Dan Kaggelis | July 2016

Having the same lure with different variations of hooks and ring sizes is always a good idea.

It’s hard to find an angler that doesn’t love lures. The prospect of flicking out an artificial offering and fooling a fish into feeding is hard to beat. While lure fishing may seem pretty straight forward, in reality it can throw up its challenges, especially when you begin to make adjustments and modifications.
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Getting the winter blues
David Seaman | July 2016

This 6kg groper is a beautiful example of the species with brilliant colouring and eye patch. Truly worth the respect of release.

There are few more challenging fish from the ocean rocks, for the bread and butter angler, than the blue groper. Winter is the best time to target trophy groper from the rocks, but remember to be gentle and return the big blues to the water.
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