Trophy Trout - again
  |  First Published: June 2009

Another trophy trout caught at Khancoban - a 4.7kg brown (10.3lb) in the old money. This monster was caught on a soft plastic “Gary Glitter” in Khancoban Pondage on Monday 8th June.

By the time I saw the trout, it was a bit mottled from lying in the bottom of the boat. A giant 3kg reddie was also caught recently too.

Another season draws to a close, with a whimper rather than a bang! Most of the browns have already headed upriver, leaving mainly small rainbows to keep the anglers entertained. Spawning seems to be getting earlier, each year, which means by the time the season closes, only the rainbows get any real protection from it. Do we really need a closed season? I cannot recall too much discussion on the subject – it just seems to be one of those historical anomalies, that has always been. Whilst on the subject why can’t Victoria and NSW align their seasons? Or introduce cross-border licensing. Perhaps another subject for another day!

Pondage still open

Remember the Khancoban Pondage remains open throughout winter and is well protected from the elements. The fishing is excellent from July onwards, so take advantage of the midweek specials. You may be rewarded with one of Khancoban’s famed ‘Trophy Trout’. The scenery is spectacular as well – the pondage is framed by the snow-covered peaks of the Main Range and you can take the family up to the snow for a play or ski. Thredbo is just 70km along The Alpine way, or Mt Selwyn around 100km via The Elliott Way. Winter is a great time for uncrowded fishing – get amongst it!

Poachers afoot

On a more serious note, we have been finding quite a few cray traps, set lines and springers, particularly along the far side of the pondage. Fisheries have removed them and are keeping an eye on the area. If you see anything like this please let us know at the caravan park or report them directly to Jindabyne fisheries office. Do not remove them yourself – it may be misconstrued as you setting them. If you haul one up, empty it, then, let us know. If you have GPS please note the exact location. Khancoban is quite a small fishery and these practices impact on all of us. We are hoping to work with Snowy Hydro to place cameras on the dam wall, which will deter illegal fishing and trapping.

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